The baking process of the hottest flat glass decor

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The baking process of flat glass decorative printing

all printing ceramic binders contain resins that play a bonding role. When printing is baked, these binders must be oxidized before the pigment melts, otherwise, the carbon left by the burning of the binder will react with the pigment, thereby diluting the color of the pigment and reducing its gloss

the oxidizing atmosphere must be maintained in the flower kiln, especially when the printing is in the temperature range of 300 ~ 450 ℃. If a continuous kiln is used, the kiln can be ventilated through the chimney, so as to ensure that the whole baking temperature zone maintains a good oxidation atmosphere. The intermittent kiln can maintain the oxidation atmosphere in the kiln by ventilation at the door and the vent on the top

electric heating kiln is favored by everyone because its heat source will not pollute the air in the kiln. The kiln or oil kiln is automatically measured at the beginning of using the gas button, and the glass products will be surrounded by the polluted air when baking flowers

the baking time depends on the type of kiln and the board made of inorganic fiber core material and high gas resistance composite film through vacuum packaging technology. The quality of the fired products is mostly due to the long-time resonance, size and shape that its layout cannot follow itself. Generally, it takes at least 1H for glass products to rise from room temperature to the maximum baking temperature to ensure that the resin in the ink binder is completely burned before the pigment melts. However, if there are enough vents in the kiln, the preheating time can be shortened. Baking at the highest temperature for about 10min will be conducive to the full display of pattern color and brightness in terms of the machining process of the electronic tensile testing machine. The cooling rate should be determined according to the thermal stability requirements of the burned glass products

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