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Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology, the provincial development and Reform Commission and the provincial economic and Trade Commission jointly issued a document approving Lizhu group Limin pharmaceutical factory to establish the Guangdong Digital traditional Chinese medicine engineering technology research and development center

at the beginning of this year, after Lizhu Limin pharmaceutical factory submitted the application report for the establishment of Guangdong Digital Chinese medicine engineering technology research and development center, the Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology, the provincial development and Reform Commission, and the provincial economic and Trade Commission jointly organized an expert group to conduct on-site investigation, feasibility study report review and demonstration of Lizhu Limin pharmaceutical factory, It is believed that Lizhu Limin pharmaceutical factory meets the relevant requirements of the "management measures of Guangdong engineering technology research and development center", and has the corresponding conditions. It is unanimously agreed to take the factory as the supporting unit, thus reducing the transportation cost and human cost to establish the feasibility report of Guangdong Digital Engineering Technology research and development center of traditional Chinese medicine, which was officially included in the 2007 Guangdong engineering technology research and development center establishment plan

through the establishment of the center, Lizhu group Limin pharmaceutical factory will adopt the digital traditional Chinese medicine model represented by Shenqi Fuzheng Injection to carry out the research and development of modern traditional Chinese medicine, and conduct research from the aspects of fingerprint, traditional Chinese medicine extraction and production equipment, medicinal germplasm provenance, action mechanism, development of new dosage forms of traditional Chinese medicine, so as to comprehensively improve the level of research and development and technological innovation of the enterprise, and make the research level of traditional Chinese medicine reach the domestic leading level, Speed up the modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine, and build a large digital traditional Chinese medicine research and development center in South China and even the whole country, which is fully equipped and technologically advanced to help improve fire safety

it is reported that a chain drugstore in Chengdu recently received a punishment notice of nearly 10000 yuan from the local geological supervision department. The original quality and technical supervision and law enforcement personnel found during the inspection of the chain drugstore that 2. The buffer oil should be kept clean, and the bar code of some goods used in drug packaging was not standardized, and administrative penalties were imposed in accordance with relevant laws

however, in real life, there are not a few drugstores with the following ideas: we operate in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the drug administration law and GSP. These two regulations have no provisions on the use of commodity bar codes, and the drugs sold have been printed with bar codes on their packages when they are purchased from manufacturers or dealers, so they cannot control the registration and use of bar codes, so whether the bar codes are standardized has nothing to do with drugstores

in fact, as a kind of commodity, if barcode is used on the drug package, the measures for the administration of commodity barcode implemented on October 1st, 2005 should be implemented. Article 23 of the measures stipulates that when purchasing goods, the Seller shall check the "system member certificate" corresponding to the bar code of the commodity or the supporting documents with the same effect; Article 28 stipulates that the manufacturer's identification code (commodity bar code) is valid for two years; Article 35 stipulates that if the commodities distributed are printed with bar codes of commodities that have not been approved for registration, filing or forgery, they shall be ordered to make corrections and be fined not more than 10000 yuan. Because some drugstore managers know nothing about these regulations, there is often a situation that the bar code of the drugs distributed is not standardized, but they do not know it

nowadays, many chain pharmacies are punished for this, which cannot but attract our great attention. If we are still so confused, it will bring economic losses to pharmacies and even affect the reputation of pharmacies. Therefore, the author believes that local pharmacies should take this matter as a lesson, purchase commodity barcode recognition equipment on the premise that conditions permit, check the purchase acceptance link, remove unqualified drugs that do not meet the "commodity barcode management measures", and ensure the bar code specification of drugs on shelves at the source; At the same time, the relevant industry associations should also negotiate with relevant departments, organize relevant knowledge training for most pharmacies that are not economically strong and unable to purchase equipment, and put forward suggestions on operable rationalization that the bone around the implant will not be stressed, so that these pharmacies can grasp practical identification methods, be familiar with laws and regulations, and make effective use of them. It will no longer make pharmacies laymen in commodity bar code management

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