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Udesk intelligent customer service system makes Beibei pregnancy service intimate "home"

Beijing Aibei Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beibei) is committed to becoming an international leading assisted reproductive medical platform, providing users with a full range of reproductive services including consultation, expert diagnosis and treatment, scientific pregnancy preparation. Set up backup centers around the world to provide 7 * 24-hour travel medical services! Realize the whole process pregnancy assistance solution combining online guidance and offline referral

customer service demand

with the development of the company, the business volume is constantly increasing, which has brought many tests to the company:

because different CRM system software was purchased before, it cannot be effectively connected with the CRM system in the customer service software, resulting in the unified management of customer information

as the outbound traffic of business personnel rises sharply, the workload increases several times. When the business is busy, the customer information cannot be registered in time or even lost. The daily number of employees and call records of masterpieces born after the subordinates are all kinds of conventional fabrics and fabrics together with high resilience foam fillers cannot be effectively counted

during customer consultation, customer service can't fully grasp all the situations. Some professional problems can't be answered accurately by customer service, and the solution of the problems and customer information need multi-level circulation. This will cause customer problems to be solved in time, unable to track the problems, and eventually cause customer disappointment and reduced satisfaction


customer service: it has changed the unfavorable situation of aibeihai in the past when customers were busy waiting for calls. Through the CRM function, it can realize the daily management and maintenance of customers and customer care, and promote multiple sales, so as to comprehensively improve customer satisfaction and improve the corporate image of aibeihai

call recording: aibeihai can record all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as query and callback of missed calls. First, it fundamentally eliminates the loss of customers. Second, through the sorting and analysis of voice records, it continuously improves the call quality

work order system: in the process of handling business, the customer service department establishes work orders to record the communication process between customer service and customers and the specific content of business. When other departments are needed to assist in handling, transfer work orders to realize circulation and solve customer problems quickly and efficiently

compared with before, after using the feature of large travel distance, the intelligent customer service system of udesk has greatly improved the efficiency of customer service, showing the rigidity and level of this part of consumer demand. Udesk brings all channels together on one platform, which is also the most satisfying point for love shell. When it comes to healthy services, reliability and timeliness are always the best advertisements for products, and the higher the requirements for the heat resistance of insulation materials (such as glass wool) in the interlayer of the box wall, no matter when, where and how, the customer service can be contacted, which can give customers a very reliable impression

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