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Uc/ubg Dingxin Tongda's integrated communication of voice and data

I. product analysis

integration: a unified related product designed for the needs of enterprise users for the integration of communication, it and security. It can simultaneously meet the needs of enterprise users for PBX, IP PBX, router, Ethernet switch, firewall, online behavior management and audit, traffic management, voice audit, VPN, UC communication, enterprise IM and other functions, and can truly realize the integration of enterprise communication/it system construction and management

bandwidth guarantee/user-defined bandwidth rules

Zhang Xin said 2. One of the solutions is the operator enterprise solution

1. The main function

supports fxo/gsm/sip access and access, which can be connected to the traditional PSTN network or the traditional PBX, and can also be conveniently connected to the ngn/IMS soft switch system

wireless router, which provides high-speed access and data network access; Support 1. PPOE and PON access as a high-tech detection equipment; It also provides a built-in LTE or an external LTE expansion mode to facilitate access to 4G mobile networks

built in PBX function, supporting SIP Phone access. The melt temperature can be reduced by 20 degrees to enrich the functions of attendant console, IVR and conference

built-in network firewall, VPN and security management

external USB hard disk or external server can be connected to realize the enterprise private cloud solution

2. Application solutions

operator enterprise solutions:

the above solutions are applicable to domestic operator networks, including radio and television networks. They all have the qualification of voi integrated IP operation, and are vigorously developing their broadband services, especially in India

features of this scheme:

integrated integration access scheme for enterprise customers. Solve the basic office requirements of enterprise voice, network, etc

vpn group, flexible group and expansion of branches to ensure call quality and save office expenses

VPN access is supported, and mobile office is easily realized

support LTE voice and data channel backup to ensure the smoothness of the office system

the integrated access gateway supports firewall and online behavior management functions to ensure network security

operators can package voice, broadband and 4G mobile data services to provide overall enterprise solutions

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