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Drone spraying disinfection was stopped? Scientific application will have a better future

a war "epidemic" without smoke of gunpowder has brought a lot of intelligent technology! In recent years, it has developed rapidly, and it shines in this process. From drone shouting and patrolling to drone disinfection and drone transportation, the diversified applications of drones in various aspects of anti epidemic have further shown the great value of their applications, and also led to an active atmosphere in enterprises and markets

however, with the prominent anti epidemic effect of UAV and the significant increase in people's dependence on the application of UAV, the anti epidemic of UAV also has some problems. For example, a few days ago, the National Center for Disease Control and prevention criticized the application of large-scale spraying disinfection of unmanned aerial vehicles. Based on this, how to be scientific and reasonable for UAV application? How to ensure value and avoid problems is affecting everyone's heart

drones are good at fighting the "epidemic"

speaking of drones, everyone must be no stranger. In recent years, with the rapid development of flight control, navigation, communication and other technologies, the application of UAV is quite hot. Whether it is film and television aerial photography, agricultural plant protection, land surveying and mapping, traffic law enforcement, logistics distribution, fire fighting and rescue, we can often see its shadow in daily production and life. With the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility and low cost, it has promoted the effective transformation of many traditional industries

during the pneumonia epidemic, drones also showed their skills. On TV, drones shout propaganda and persuasion across the air; In hospitals, materials are transported during UAV shuttle; On the highway, unmanned aerial vehicles patrol and hover. If oil leakage is found, command work; In cities, drones are loaded with drugs to disinfection and sterilization... Through contactless, high-quality and efficient operations, drones meet the various needs of virus prevention and control and people's life during the epidemic, and become an indispensable good helper

especially in disinfection, UAV is recognized as an ideal spraying tool during the epidemic. Many experts said that UAV spraying disinfectant has a significant cost advantage over traditional metal parts for manual operation. It is not only efficient, sustainable, isolated and separated from human medicine, but also can solve the problems of lack of disinfection equipment and insufficient manpower in rural villages and urban communities through formation spraying with one control and multiple machines. At the same time, drone spraying also has great advantages in cost

based on this, since February, many enterprises and prevention and control units have adopted drones to undertake disinfection work. For example, on February 8, Dajiang agriculture used unmanned aerial vehicles to disinfect Baolong Industrial Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen; In addition, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hebei, Anhui and other provinces and cities have also used drones to disinfect large areas of cities and towns. These applications are all divided into two categories: material waterproofing and structural waterproofing, which have aroused widespread concern and heated discussion, and set off a new trend

excessive "abuse" is also worrying

of course, the hot start of drone disinfection has brought a good opportunity to show the value of drones and revive the industry, but at the same time, it has also led to a lot of chaos in epidemic prevention and control. For example, the frequent use of drones causes disturbance to residents, the long-term circling and patrolling of drones infringes on others' privacy, and the excessive disinfection of drones causes harm to human health and the environment. The unscientific application of unmanned aerial vehicles has exposed many problems

On March 2, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the state council criticized and stopped these unscientific and unreasonable abuses. At the same time, the National Center for Disease Control and prevention also specifically pointed out that the use of drones to spray disinfectants on a large area should be avoided next. Relevant experts said that this disinfection method "has a form greater than the actual disinfection results", which not only does not have any disinfection effect, but also causes harm to human health and the environment, and should be stopped

if we only look at the efficiency, the drone spraying disinfectant really has no dead corner and full coverage, which can be called efficient. But when people overuse it, the advantages of UAV will correspondingly become disadvantages. For example, the wider the range of disinfectant sprayed by drones, the greater the harm. When people talk about "drone operation can refine the disinfectant", these "refined" drugs are also easier to be absorbed by the human body, posing a serious threat to people's health

in addition, the excessive spraying of disinfectant by drones will also have a serious impact on the environment. A large number of disinfectant residues exist in the environment, which will inevitably pollute soil, water, soil and air. Over time, they will penetrate into the food chain through plants, fruits and vegetables, which in turn will pose a potential threat to human health. All these are caused by the unreasonable and unscientific application of drones for disinfectant spraying. How can people not be vigilant about the application of drones

the "supervision" of the double-edged sword cannot be lost

in fact, the application of UAV has always been a double-edged sword! In daily life, people feel the convenience, safety and efficiency brought by the application of UAV. At the same time, they will suffer various violations of social security, personal privacy and other aspects due to unreasonable and unscientific applications. Based on this, the double-sided nature of UAV disinfection is only a normal performance of UAV application, and "scientific supervision" is essential to pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages

then, how to strengthen the supervision of UAVs and ensure the scientific, reasonable and appropriate application of UAVs

on the one hand, the government needs to actively formulate and improve laws and regulations related to the research, development, sales and application of UAVs to provide legal guidance for the scientific application of UAVs; On the other hand, relevant government departments are also required to improve the level and intensity of supervision, and some punitive measures have formed a certain deterrent to industry management. In addition, UAV R & D, production and sales enterprises, And UAV applications "Kostron's nizaki innovation center in Japan also needs to strengthen its own awareness.

in a word, only the concerted efforts of the government, enterprises and individuals can promote the healthy and orderly application and development of UAVs, show the positive side of UAV applications, and try to avoid various problems and chaos in the development of UAVs

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