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UCB launched raw materials for energy curing inks

UCB launched a number of raw materials for energy curing inks, including viaflex 110, viaflex 111, viaflex 406, viaset 210, viascreen 520, viascreen 521 and ebecryl 446. In addition, a variety of new photoinitiators have been introduced, such as additol BP, additol BDK, additol hdmap, additol CPK, additol TPO, additol itx, additol dmmta, additol EHA and additol EPD

viafle can see x 110 from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder: a binder specially used to solve some special problems faced by ruby flexographic printing ink. This product helps to improve the color density. The company is planning to issue convertible bonds privately and reduce the viscosity of ink

Viaflex 111: a binder specially used to solve some special problems faced by yellow series flexographic printing inks. The product has better dispersibility. If this paragraph can be expressed, the viscosity of the ink is reduced

viaflex 406: it is also a kind of binder specially used for flexographic printing ink, which can improve the color strength while reducing the ink viscosity. At the same time, some other properties have been improved, such as the ink transfer effect when the number of wrinkle roll lines is high, the operation is convenient, and the adhesion performance to various synthetic substrates

viaset 210: General offset color ink binder. The finished ink produced by it not only ensures good pigment wetting performance, but also has the characteristics of good ink viscosity, less ink flying phenomenon, good rheological performance and so on

viascreen 520/viascreen 521: binder for thermoforming printing ink

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