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Uber electric creates a new model of Intelligent Manufacturing in the instrument and meter industry as the single champion

replaces most foreign products to become the number one in the aerospace and military fields

Uber electric creates a new model of Intelligent Manufacturing in the instrument and meter industry as the single champion

Nanbao news (correspondent Liu zunrui, Wang Weiguo, Guan Wei) instrument products have strict requirements on reliability, stability and accuracy. Although there are many domestic instrument enterprises, there is a big gap between them and foreign countries in technology and production ten years ago. In Dong Jian's view, in recent decades, with the rapid development of China's economy, China's manufacturing industry has also ushered in very good opportunities for development. Especially through these more than ten years of efforts, we have made breakthroughs in related technologies

it is understood that the market capacity of safety instruments that Uber is engaged in is not large, but it is part of the report in the automatic control system: very critical and indispensable important instruments. At present, in the industrial field, domestic safety instruments represented by Uber have replaced most foreign products, while they have almost completely replaced them in aerospace, military industry and other fields, forcing the price of foreign products in the market temporarily to fall to less than one third of that of a decade ago. We are not limited to China. At present, we have exported to foreign countries, and have formed sales in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. In the future, we will further expand overseas markets

Nanjing youbei Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, developed into one of the leading enterprises in the industry in 17. The company is committed to research and development, production and safety, which may cause water in the machine and damage the machine; Full grid, isolator, surge protector and other high-end instrument products used for industrial safety, explosion-proof, signal processing and other products. Since 2016, a new industry of industrial software and automation integration serving intelligent factories has been created and developed

after 17 years of rapid development, Uber Electric has accounted for 120million of the total market value of its domestic products of about 300million, and drafted the leader unit for the national standard group of this product. What is more proud is that Uber products have been widely used in aircraft carrier Liaoning, multi missile destroyer, submarine and long march series rocket launch system

due to its excellent products and outstanding contributions, Uber Electric has won a number of honors, including hundreds of excellent enterprises in Jiangsu Province awarded by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, outstanding enterprises in the outstanding contribution award of Jiangsu manufacturing, small giant enterprises in science and technology in Jiangsu Province awarded by the provincial economic and Information Commission, and Nanjing manufacturing single champion enterprises awarded by the Municipal Economic and Information Commission

Uber has become one of the industry leaders in terms of market and technology, and is a champion enterprise in a typical segment

forward looking transformation and upgrading during rapid development

the development of a company cannot be separated from the efforts and guidance of the helmsman. The development of Uber Electric is inseparable from the vision and courage of Dongjian, chairman of the soul company

it is understood that Dong Jian is now a distinguished graduate tutor of Nanjing University, an expert member of the national industrial measurement and control (TC124), the Technical Committee for standardization of industrial electrical explosion-proof equipment (TC9), and an expert of the working group of the "intelligent manufacturing standardization test and verification project" of the Ministry of industry and information technology; Presided over and participated in the drafting of a number of national standards such as isolated safety barriers and general technical requirements for smart factories, and won the 2017 China Standardization assistance award of the China Association for standardization, Nanjing standardization contribution award and many other awards

Dong Jian said that through the rapid development of nearly a decade from 2002 to 2012, the company has strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities. However, at this time, Dong Jian keenly realized that the new mode and new technology would bring challenges and opportunities to the traditional manufacturing industry. Therefore, since the middle of 2012, Uber Electric has continuously invested a lot of financial and human resources, applied automation technologies such as robots and high-end intelligent equipment, and began to implement information software such as PDM, ERP, MES, etc., in order to carry out a comprehensive intelligent upgrade of the enterprise

when the State Council issued "made in China 2025" in May 2015, and industry 4.0, robots, big data and so on immediately became hot topics, we have put relevant work into practice for three years and achieved many phased results: product quality has been significantly improved, cost has been significantly reduced, and enterprise benefits have continued to grow

so far, the company has not only independently implemented ERP system, but also independently developed and applied advanced PLM, MES, virtual simulation and other information software, independently developed and applied intelligent high and low temperature aging room, material tower, robot test bench, robot laser marking system, etc., and introduced a number of world-class flexible SMT, selective wave soldering and other high-end equipment, and realized the interconnection of information. Its factory automation The informatization and process support capacity have reached the international advanced level. At present, the industrial interconnection construction of enterprises has begun to be planned and implemented

since 2015, Uber has been awarded the first batch of demonstration smart workshops in Jiangsu Province and the construction units of smart factories in Nanjing, passed the review of the integration and implementation system of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and completed the standardization demonstration and verification project of smart factories of the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2017

at present, Uber has newly acquired 30 mu of land in Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, and is building the world's largest and national standardized and exemplary intelligent factory in this professional field

Uber not only promotes its own development through intelligent manufacturing, but also forms its achievements into a new industry. The company invested in the establishment of Nanjing youbei Automation System Co., Ltd. in 2016, and the fund of Nanjing Municipal People's government recently became a shareholder. The company is engaged in the development of advanced industrial software and automation system integration services, and has quickly established a first-class technical expert team from abroad and at home. Its software has won the golden ear award of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of industry and information technology, and the team has won the Jiangsu provincial excellent team award. It has successively undertaken the tasks of China Power 14th Institute, aerospace Chenguang, aerospace science and industry 699, 8511 plants, Guodian Nanzi, CRRC Puzhen Haitai, Zhuzhou Electromechanical High demand intelligent manufacturing projects such as Tsinghua University have developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results. As one of the major experts in the field of Intelligent Manufacturing in the Ministry of industry and information technology, provincial and municipal economic and information commissions, Dong Jian has also traveled to more than 20 cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an, Chengdu, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Kunming, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, to give lectures on Intelligent manufacturing to government agencies, enterprises, industries with independent intellectual property rights, and institutions, with an audience of more than 10000 people, In August this year, he was sent to Malaysia and other countries to publicize the outstanding achievements made in China in recent years. He has made positive contributions to promoting made in China 2025

why did you suddenly enter a new field after 17 years of focusing on segmented industries? How to treat the relationship between concentration and diversity? Dong Jian, chairman of Uber, said that our original industry market is small and the development space is limited, and achieving sustainable and great leap forward development has always been our company's strategic goal. At the same time, I believe that in addition to technical factors, if enterprises want to do diversified development, they must meet four prerequisites in strategy: first, whether the future of new industries conforms to the national promotion policies and market development trends; Second, we must have reached the leading position in the original field, and be strong enough not to fear the risks caused by vicious competition, and have the determination of sustainable development; Third, capital is a necessary condition to promote the development of new industries, and enterprises must have sufficient capital reserves or financing capacity; Fourth, new industries should be related to the original industries in terms of technology and business to achieve mutual promotion and common development

through innovative development, Uber has opened up a new era for its own enterprise development. This is not only the achievement of Uber, but also a new model for the future development of enterprises that is worth thinking and exploring by China's manufacturing industry

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