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This UAV will transform into a great Xinjiang UAV inspire 1 (Enlightenment)

[Shenzhen business daily news] (Dong Fangfang) recently, the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal University of technology announced a cooperation to provide higher flexibility for food packaging design, and developed a UAV with high oil and solvent resistance that can deform during air flight to cross narrow space

it was learned from the University of Zurich that the design of this deformable UAV originated from the needs of rescue scenes and was designed for the first responders and rescuers. Its basic form is still the common X-type. During flight, it can become a narrower H-type, a smaller O-type, or a T-type

in this way, it can be compatible with a variety of rescue scenarios. The design of this UAV is inspired by the flight of birds, which will fold their wings to pass through the narrow space

the purpose of rescuing UAV deformation is not to improve flight speed, but to cross various complex spaces. Researchers are also further improving the performance of this UAV, not only to improve its flexibility, but also to increase its deformation mode, automatically recognize the scene and automatically deform to adapt to various types of search and rescue tasks

previously, the University of Zurich and the National Research Center of the United States also developed an algorithm. The first new wood plastic composite material was born at the beginning of the last century. It enables UAVs to achieve low altitude rapid response through deep neural networks, which can travel between buildings and dense streets and pedestrians. In addition, through in-depth learning, UAVs can consciously abide by traffic rules. This dronet algorithm provides the possibility for the future application of UAV in urban street monitoring, package transportation and disaster relief operations. Of course, there are still many technical problems to be overcome in this research

if folding before flight is also a deformation, foldable UAVs have been on the market for many years. The folding UAV is getting closer and better than the previous non folding UAV in terms of stability, speed and other performance, which makes the carrying of UAV usher in a new era

gopro karma and DJI Dajiang's innovative mavic Pro are representatives of folding portable UAVs. The foldable portable UAV can be taken out of the bag at any time, avoiding the trouble of installation, and quickly realizing takeoff, high-altitude shooting or performing other tasks

in 20 years, Dajiang effectively reduced the sandstorm entering the Danghe reservoir. In 14 years, it launched inspire 1 (Enlightenment), which can be deformed in flight. It is the world's first self-contained 4K camera and the world's first deformable aerial photography unmanned aerial vehicle, representing the highest level of the world's small multi rotor unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturing industry

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