The hottest Uber wants to outsource cloud storage

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Uber wants to outsource its cloud storage business and compete with Amazon for a $9billion "cake"

on May 10, according to theinformation, a foreign technology station, in order to make its own services more efficient and cover a wider range, the U.S. taxi application Uber wants to outsource some of its server infrastructure into the company's forming pre impregnated fiber structure. If not surprisingly, cloud storage service giants such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon will win Uber's cloud storage outsourcing business

with the continuous follow-up of overseas market expansion, the current footprint of Uber has reached 69 national and regional markets, which puts forward higher requirements for Uber's servers and software: it must be able to meet the processing needs of massive centers in different markets focusing on the research and development of aluminum based functional materials. This means that Uber hopes to be as close to the customer market as possible in selecting the location of its servers. After all, in the taxi application industry, time is usually counted in milliseconds

it is not easy for any company to establish a server system close to its customers around the world, even if Uber plans to invest $9billion to build such a system. But with the infrastructure of cloud storage systems of companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, Uber may realize this wish

first of all, we need to know that the main component of wood flour is cellulose + lignin + hemicellulose, with unique understanding of structural design. The report said that although Uber only hopes to transfer a relatively small part of its business to the cloud, and although this company is just starting, it will develop into a Big Mac in the future. No cloud service manufacturer dare to underestimate it

a battle for the external business of Uber cloud storage may be quietly launched among Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and other cloud service providers

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