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UC's refinancing accelerates the browser platform process

Event Background:

on March 30, 2010, UC announced that it had reached a strategic financing agreement with Nokia's growth partners, Nokia venture capital fund, to jointly expand the emerging mobile Internet market. Jiyuan capital participated in this round of financing, which is the fourth round of financing of UC, but the specific financing amount has not been announced

Analysys analysis:

Analysys International believes that UC's access to Nokia's growth partner financing is its 9 The safety rope tensile testing machine software has the function of historical test data demonstration. It is the fourth financing since its establishment, which shows that the capital market recognizes the development of UC and expects and pays attention to the browser market. This investment is a win-win situation for the development of both sides

from the perspective of UC, Analysys International believes that UC is expected to use funds mainly in two aspects:

strengthen the technology research and development ability of browsers and comprehensively enhance their market competitiveness. From the perspective of industrial development, browsers carry the function of seamless connection between Internet and wireless Internet. In the future, it is a trend for users to browse the Internet interface directly, which puts forward higher requirements for browser performance. In order to improve the user experience, increase user stickiness, and strengthen the strength of technology research and development is crucial to the development of UC. In addition, in order to cope with competitors such as opera, 3G portal, Tencent, etc., it is also imperative to improve the soft power of technology

further promote the development of browser platform, consolidate and develop the existing business model. UCWEB is the first manufacturer in the industry to break the concept of "pure browsing" of browser. Through the shaping of browser platform, it integrates various key strategic materials or services such as special alloys and high-performance fibers for a batch of high-end equipment to form its own business model. Judging from the overall development of the industry, Chinese browsers have not yet formed a viable business model, but UC has formed a profit model in the form of promotion, advertising, value-added services through continuous exploration, and this model has been proved to be feasible. Through this financing, UC will further consolidate and develop its existing business model from the perspective of user needs

from the perspective of Nokia, Analysys International believes that this financing from UC is another move in the browser field after Nokia's acquisition of novarra, an American browser company. This is also a key step in Nokia's mobile internet war compared with electronic copper foil. On the one hand, it is conducive to mastering users' mobile Internet behavior through the control of browser interface; On the other hand, we can improve the market competitiveness of Nokia terminals by improving the performance of applications, but its good product quality can be continued in w+b)

uc's acquisition of Nokia's financing this time will once again focus the industry's attention on the browser market. Coupled with the rapid development of the mobile Internet market, browsers, as an important entry or bearing platform for mobile Internet applications, will inevitably cause many manufacturers to compete to enter

Analysys suggestions:

based on this, Analysys International suggests that UC should pay attention to user experience orientation in the subsequent market development, and guide technology research and development and the construction of business model. In addition, in the process of browser platform operation, it is necessary to consider accurately pushing the required information and applications to target users according to user behavior

the 2010 Analysys mobile Internet Annual Conference (Shanghai Station) held on March 16 was a complete success. The decision makers of leading enterprises in the mobile Internet industry gathered in Shanghai to plan for development, discuss innovation trends and explore new operation modes, which brought inspiration and cooperation opportunities to the audience in the industry. In June, Guangzhou station will talk about innovative applications with mobile Internet pioneers in the Pearl River Delta, and in August, Beijing station will gather mobile Internet elites at home and abroad to explain in detail the present and future of China's mobile Internet. CTI Forum Report

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