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Udesk helps Internet medicine press the industry accelerator key with the rise of temperature

medical treatment is becoming the second battlefield of COVID-19

the massive demand for medical treatment caused by the epidemic has crowded out outpatient clinics, and also increased the risk of hospital cross infection of patients. You can't go out, but you need to see a doctor. The general office of the National Health Commission has sent two notices in a week requesting that Internet diagnosis and treatment services be actively carried out on the epidemic, so as to alleviate the pressure of diagnosis and treatment in designated hospitals, and remote diagnosis is blooming everywhere at one time

Alibaba health,, Tencent, Weiyi, dingxiangyuan, Sina Weibo, 1 medicine, good doctor, etc. have all launched the consultation platform. In addition, local designated hospitals have also taken the initiative to set up online consultation services. Some hospitals' official account have set up online consultation platforms, and some medical platforms have also set up online consultation divisions

Internet medicine, which has been accumulating strength for several years, has finally made great efforts in the epidemic, allowing remote consultation to gain unprecedented market acceptance. But can the flow brought by the epidemic be retained for a long time? The relevant person in charge of Dr. Chunyu said: the factors that determine whether users use medical and health services are the timeliness, integrity and experience of services

the essence of inquiry is to break through the limitation of time and space through interconnection, revitalize the supply of medical resources, and change the communication mode between doctors and patients, so as to improve the efficiency of the use of medical resources. As a tool for online consultation between doctors and patients, medical customer service obviously needs to deal with the bilateral experience between doctors and users

1. When doctors are in short supply, how to arrange shifts reasonably to improve service efficiency

during the epidemic, in the face of a large number of pending consultations, how to arrange shifts reasonably so that the most needed questions can be answered in the most timely manner? How to try to reduce the price slightly to meet the consultation requirements of more patients when the number and energy of doctors are limited

2. How to break through the knowledge barrier of the medical industry and show the professionalism of customer service

for the same abdominal pain, which department should you recommend to the user? Unlike other industries, customer service in the medical industry requires a deep accumulation of professional knowledge to gain user trust. As the first window to communicate with users, unprofessional answers will directly affect the user experience. How can we reduce the training time of customer service personnel, improve the professionalism of customer service personnel and ensure that their adhesion is enough to maintain the flatness quality of devices during layer by layer assembly

3. The demand for consultation is diverse, how to quickly meet different needs

for doctors, more needs lie in how to quickly use the system. For patients, there are a lot of basic repetitive problems, but also a lot of customized complex problems? How to effectively distinguish, classify and guide

the sudden new growth of users tests the old problem of Internet Medical Enterprises: how to rely on limited manpower to respond to user inquiries in a timely, efficient and high-quality manner, while also improving the interface state between wood flour and polymers. As a leading provider of intelligent customer experience solutions in China, udesk, with years of deep cultivation in the medical industry, has established a deep industry knowledge base accumulation, and is committed to providing efficient, professional, high-quality services for both doctors and patients, helping the medical platform retain doctors and users on the one hand

1. Intelligent scheduling: use the intelligent scheduling system to automatically predict the required number of people, consultation time, and number of visits, and make real-time statistics according to the current number of consulting and visiting doctors to be solved

self help consultation: for some simple, high-frequency and common questions, AI self-help answers are adopted, and 7 * 24 hours are used to quickly respond to the inquiry needs. Manual real-time supervision of customer service robot chat, encounter problems that cannot be answered by customer service robot can be quietly switched to manual customer service at any time, and visitors are not easy to detect

3. Intelligent Agent Assistant: guide intelligent consultation through real-time process, guide customer needs, and optimize the process; Through precise knowledge recommendation, automatically recommend the medical knowledge points required by customer service, and prompt business solutions

at present, udesk has provided intelligent customer experience solutions for nearly 10 medical enterprises, such as medical Union and Tongrentang, to retain customers with high-quality services, so that online medicine can be more convenient and efficient

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