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Taizhou has set up 26 monitoring points for the price of paint and other building materials. The "charming eye" of the price of building materials should be the trouble of everyone who has been engaged in decoration - a building material variety has hundreds of brand specifications, and dealers even offer different prices such as market listing price, actual transaction price, batch price, spot price, site price, bidding price, etc. According to the information from the Taizhou city building materials price monitoring meeting, the city will initially establish a building materials price monitoring network, and all kinds of building materials will "sun" their prices, which is expected to no longer be "charming"

at the end of December last year, the Municipal Price Monitoring Center conducted research on five major building materials markets in the urban area to understand the business varieties and market conditions of building materials. After investigation, the Municipal Price Bureau decided to strengthen the price monitoring of building materials in the urban area

finally, the Municipal Price Monitoring Center identified 26 building materials production and sales enterprises as the first designated units for building materials price monitoring in the urban area. Yesterday, the 26 designated units were officially listed

"the scale of products produced and operated by these dealers is representative in the urban building materials industry, and they are honest, clearly priced, genuine and have a good reputation." Zhai Chongsheng, director of the price monitoring center of the Municipal Price Bureau, introduced

the price department also stipulates that the quality of building materials of designated units must meet the national product standards when reporting price information. Collect the transaction price three times a month. According to the monitoring measures, 26 designated monitoring units must report the daily trading prices of various building materials on the 5th, 15th and 25th of each month

"due to the particularity of building materials commodities, there are many varieties and specifications, and the upgrading is fast. There are often hundreds of brand specifications for a variety, and the price form is also relatively complex. Dealers often set different sales prices for different objects." Zhai Chongsheng said that in this regard, the Monitoring Measures stipulate that the transaction price of the day reported by the monitoring point must be the actual sales price when the dealer collects the transaction of the day

Zhai Chongsheng said that this price is different from the listing price or batch price given by dealers. It can be said that it is the market price that has squeezed out a certain amount of "water", and can reflect the overall price level of this kind of building materials products in the current market. According to reports, the varieties of building materials included in the monitoring mainly include sand and stone, stone, glass products, vitrified bricks, porcelain chips, cement, walls, concrete products, steel, wood products, paints, coatings, plumbing, doors and windows, sanitary ware, wires and cables, pipes, pipe fittings and other materials

since this year, the Municipal Price Bureau has collected more than 35000 building materials prices in the trial operation, involving the graphene new lithium electronic battery and 12 major categories of building materials products they developed. After compilation, a total of 8 issues of the monthly "price monitoring of major building materials in urban areas" were published, publishing more than 9000 building materials price quotations

at present, the monthly magazine is sent to municipal departments and engineering construction units for free. It is understood that this price information has been successfully applied to three key government investment and construction projects, greatly reducing the cost of government procurement

from this month, the Municipal Price Bureau will continue to increase the number of fixed-point units for price monitoring in the urban area, striving to reach 50 by the end of the year and 80 to 100 next year, basically covering the key building materials markets and major building materials varieties in the urban area

"in addition to serving government investment projects and the construction market, we also need to serve the public and provide a market reference for the public to choose building materials." Zhai Chongsheng revealed that at the end of next year, the Municipal Price Bureau will announce it to the public through the online platform

According to Zhai Chongsheng, the Municipal Price Bureau will adopt the release mode of "shopping around" to announce the current month's building materials market situation to the public every month. At that time, when decorating, citizens only need to log in to "Taizhou price information" and check it, they can list the price information of different building materials in the current month, so as to know well and not be deceived by the "greasy" and hidden rules of the building materials market

list of "kitten greasy" in the building materials market.

false propaganda: "national sales volume first", "green environmental protection sign", "XXX recommended brand"... In order to make products sell well, merchants often put these hats on their products with the main purpose of exploring the new potential of various material technologies possessed by 3 well chemical, and do some groundless propaganda

messy brands: water pipes, paints, ceramic tiles... Each product has several brands, each brand has several series, and each series has a quotation for a water-resistant experimental machine. Who will decorate once or twice in his life? It's impossible to figure out the fishiness in it all at once. The decoration is finished, I understand, and I'm pawned

tacit rebate: those "greasy tricks" that existed in the building materials market ten years ago still exist today. Take the decoration workers to buy materials, and the workers will make eye contact with the shopkeeper, thus forming a tacit understanding. The result of communication is that workers will get kickbacks in two days, and the kickbacks have been paid by unwitting consumers

kill every time you buy: 30% for relatives and friends, 50% for people who know you a little, and 70% for people who don't know you at all. According to insiders, this is an open secret of the industry. Even if you know this secret, you must jump into this trap in order to decorate

cheating: the samples you see are well made and beautiful. When the goods are delivered to the construction site, you will suspect that the merchant sent the wrong goods. In this regard, businessmen often "sincerely" explain that there will always be some differences between different production batches

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