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Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group: build the flagship of China's equipment manufacturing industry

Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group: build the flagship of China's equipment manufacturing industry

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Guide: Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taizhong) was founded in 1950 and is the first heavy machinery manufacturing enterprise in New China. Although it is only one year later than the founding of the Republic, the retired workers who are too heavy are still proud to call too heavy the pride of the Republic in the equipment manufacturing industry. At present, Taizhong group

Founded in 1950, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taizhong") is the first heavy machinery manufacturing enterprise in New China. Although it is only one year later than the founding of the Republic, the retired workers who are too heavy are still proud to call too heavy the "pride of the Republic" of the equipment manufacturing industry

at present, Taizhong group has become China's largest production base of large cranes, large excavation equipment, space launch equipment and large rolling mill oil film bearings. As the "pioneer of the national economy", Taizhong group has filled many domestic gaps

in the early ten years of the establishment of the group, Taizhong mainly introduced the technology of the former Soviet Union. In 1955, Taizhong successfully trial produced China's first large-scale bridge crane; In 1959, the first thin plate mill in China was successfully trial produced; In 1961, the first 4m3 electric shovel in China was successfully trial produced. At the same time, the first gantry crane in China was successfully trial produced, and the first train tire rolling mill in China was produced

these heavy machinery helped China, which had little foreign exchange at that time, accumulate a large amount of foreign exchange reserves. In the 1950s and 1960s, these products also played an important role in China's key heavy industry construction and infrastructure projects

during the cultural revolution, too heavy work stagnated, and the group did not fully resume production until the early 1980s

with China's reform and opening up, Taizhong group soon established cooperative relations with Europe, the United States, Japan, etc

in 1982, Taizhong cooperated with German Demark company to produce large crawler cranes, which was the first in China. So far, Taizhong has moved towards the most productive period

pursuing the first is too heavy

throughout the 1980s, too heavy created a number of Chinese firsts through cooperation with foreign companies. "We were shocked by the technology and management level of foreign companies. It was like the exchange between the two industrial ages." Zhang Zhide, general manager and chief engineer of Taizhong group, recalled

"we use every minute to learn mechanical knowledge to make up for the time lost in the political movement. We firmly believe that one day, we will make our own brand machines."

the international cooperation of Taizhong group fell into a low tide in the 1990s, and the engineers of the group used this time to digest and absorb the technology learned in the 1980s. By the late 1990s, Taizhong group had been able to produce most of the heavy equipment needed by China. The opening-up and development of countries had experienced two stages of introduction and going out, and even began to export equipment to some developing countries

in order to increase its international market share, Taizhong group began to invite experts from German, Austrian and Japanese enterprises to improve its technical level

Taizhong group became the first listed machinery company in China in 1998

in the 21st century, Taizhong group began to export castings, forgings, cranes and mining equipment to 50 countries

in 1999, Taizhong developed the world's largest piercer with rolling specification; In 2000, it developed the world's largest bridge crane with single hook lifting capacity; In 2005, the crane with the largest lifting capacity in the world was developed. In addition, the world's largest bucket mining excavator was developed in 2008

from 2001 to 2008, the annual sales of Taizhong group increased by 33% on average every year. In 2008, it reached 10billion yuan. By next year, the group aims to achieve sales of more than 30billion yuan, of which exports will reach more than 30%

According to Wang Weiguo, the sales manager of Taizhong Distribution Department, although under the influence of the global economic recession in 2009, the export orders of taiheavy fell to only 300million yuan, in 2008, the export orders of taiheavy reached 50% of the damage of 1 mechanical parts and 0% of the damage was fatigue damage of 600million yuan, a record high

Wang Weiguo said, "from 2010 to 2013, export orders began to recover and remained at 1billion yuan to 1.3 billion yuan. The times have changed. In the United States, heavy equipment is not as important as before. As a heavy equipment supplier in emerging economies, the rising Taizhong group gradually won the markets of developing countries from European companies, which is another impact of the 2008 global financial crisis."

after 2008, the economic stimulus plan of the Chinese government not only promoted economic growth, but also led to serious overcapacity and vicious competition among heavy equipment manufacturers. The fierce price competition among excavators, cranes and forging factories has turned heavy equipment production into a game destined to lose

with the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, Taizhong group has set its sights on new products. In 2011, Taizhong invested 2billion yuan to establish Taizhong (Tianjin) Binhai company, which mainly produces wind power and nuclear power equipment. The subsidiary began to develop coal chemical equipment for foreign markets in 2012

in addition, in 2011, Taizhong acquired Willie longway group of Australia. Taizhong said that the acquisition will improve Taizhong's competitiveness in China's coalbed methane field, and it is also an important step for Taizhong to open the Australian coal machinery market

in terms of enterprise structure, Taizhong has total assets of 14.6 billion yuan and 14000 employees. Now, the main member units are: heavy machinery companies located in Taiyuan and Tianjin, coal mining equipment companies located in Taiyuan and Australia, railway related equipment enterprises located in Taiyuan, and hydraulic equipment companies located in Yuci

it is understood that Taizhong's most competitive products include wind power and nuclear power equipment, equipment in coal, mining, chemical and other industries, and high-speed train wheels, axles and wheels

As the only manufacturer of high-speed train wheelsets in China, Taizhong group, which has the courage to innovate, established a railway equipment industrial zone in 2010 to meet the rising export demand by expanding production. The industrial zone covers an area of 60 hectares. After completion, it will have three independent workshops for manufacturing wheels, axles and wheel sets

"the world wheel market demand in 2010 is very urgent. In fact, our action is not early. If we build the park two years earlier, the return should be higher." Wang Weiguo said

"at that time, it was not an easy decision. Considering our limited profits, the amount of investment needed was really huge."

in 2012, the high-speed train wheel production line with an investment of 1billion yuan was officially put into operation in the railway industrial zone of Taizhong group. The axle and wheel set production lines are still in the trial operation stage, and it is expected to start full operation this year after obtaining the approval of the regulatory authorities

the high-speed circular saw cutting machine in the production equipment is imported from Austria, and all other equipment is imported from Germany

the whole production line has the manufacturing capacity of 300000 pieces of high-quality wheels per year, and is known as the most technologically advanced high-speed train wheel production line in China

nickteunissen, sales manager of South Africa Universal Railway Engineering Co., Ltd., went to Taichong to inspect the quality of wheelsets

"the product quality is very good." He said

long before the operation of the new park, Taizhong group had several old production lines for normal production of wheels, axles and wheel sets

from 2008 to 20, it provided new development opportunities for other industrial fields. In 13 years, the company exported 220000 wheels and 100000 axles for subway, railway freight cars, mining vehicles and high-speed trains

since 2010, Taizhong has exported 30000 wheelsets. In China, Taizhong is the only exporter of this product, said Jiao Peng, director of the International Trade Department of Taizhong rail transit equipment business department

"the profit margin of producing ordinary wheels and axles is rapidly decreasing, and the new workshop of high-speed train equipment has opened up a larger new market for us." Renxueyi, head of Taizhong Railway Industrial Park, said

China's high-speed railway network began to take shape in 2004. Up to last year, the operating mileage of high-speed railway has exceeded 10000 kilometers, far higher than the prediction in 2004. Relevant experts predict that the scale will double in the next few years

Ren Xueyi said, "if the axle and wheel set production lines successfully pass the trial operation, China can significantly reduce its imports."

Taizhong obtained the quality certificate issued by Europe in 2012, becoming the first Chinese exporter to provide high-speed train wheels, axles and wheelsets to Europe. However, Ren Xueyi believes that although entering the global wheel industry shows too much strength, there is still a certain gap compared with foreign manufacturing industry, which is reflected in all aspects from concept to materials

the acquisition of foreign companies or technologies does not completely solve the problem

"simply buying equipment or acquiring enterprises cannot improve their R & D capabilities," Ren Xueyi said. "As domestic competitors follow suit and buy advanced production lines, the high-speed wheel and axle market will again face fierce price competition."

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