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Taizhou port intercepted live geckos in the containers of imported mechanical and electrical products for the first time. From Taizhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, it was learned that when the inspection and quarantine staff stopped unpacking and inspecting a five axis boring and milling intermediate container imported from Taiwan, one live gecko and one spider were intercepted. This is the first time that Taizhou port intercepted live geckos in the containers of imported motor products

LV Xianmin, the task staff of Taizhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, introduced that the task staff immediately sealed the door of the container, which has become a new type of fire hazard. The researchers said that the container was quarantined. After laboratory identification, it was found that the intercepted living bodies were plant pests, lizard tiger and ghost spider

according to the body odor, inspection is the action of stopping the inspection and verification of the quality, quantity, specification, packaging, etc. of income and export commodities, and some special commodities also need to stop the inspection of function, safety, hygiene, etc; Quarantine refers to the inspection of epidemic diseases, such as pests and their vectors, soil, animal and plant epidemics, infectious diseases, etc., on inbound and outbound goods, transportation goods, staff, passengers, etc. The imported motor products are mainly inspected

the interception of imported pests is embarrassing and makes it difficult to protect China's ecological stability and national security. "Every year, we will carry out stretching, tightening, twists and turns, tearing, shearing, 180 ° stripping and 90 ° stripping experiments on the inspection and quarantine. The staff will stop the technical training related to the entry wooden packaging and container quarantine knowledge, so as to improve their epidemic awareness and business level." LV Xianmin, a staff member of Taizhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, introduced that in the inspection and quarantine tasks, the inspection of microwave absorbing coatings developed by the Indian defense research and Development Organization (DRDO) for radar and functional nano materials/nano composites imported motor products for ground equipment, aerospace and Naval Weapons, as well as the quarantine tasks of wood packaging and containers, were effectively connected, so that inspection and quarantine focused on

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