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Taizhou, Zhejiang Province determines the development path of the plastic industry

the plastic industry is a traditional advantageous industry in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, which has a solid industrial foundation and supporting advantages. In order to strengthen and expand the advantages of the plastic industry, Taizhou Municipal government has drawn up a new blueprint for the development of the plastic industry. Chen Jiazeng, director of the office of Taizhou Plastics Association, said recently that Taizhou has established the development focus of the plastic industry

Chen Jiazeng said that in the development plan of the plastic industry, the municipal government encourages the development and production of supporting plastic products for automobile, household appliances, electronics and electrics, transportation, post and telecommunications and other industries; Vigorously develop new plastic profiles with independent intellectual property rights, such as plastic coextrusion, core foaming, and surface imitation wood, promoted by the Ministry of construction; Develop and expand new pipes such as low-noise core foaming, PVC drainage pipes with spiral inner wall structure, large-diameter MDPE water supply and drainage pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, PP-R pipes, etc. In addition, with a thickness of more than 100 nm, the focus is to improve the grade of daily-use plastic products. By introducing industrial design technology, we can improve the design level. While paying attention to the efficiency and practicality, we can strengthen the modeling design. In addition, we can also equip ordinary computers and color coordination, and make an article on the refinement of simulation, imitation gold, imitation silver, imitation porcelain, etc., so as to improve the added value of products. In addition, we should aim at the international market, devote ourselves to the development of new toys and high-end plastic products for daily use, and increase the proportion of exports

it is understood that in 1 Wire rod changes the working environment of the experimental machine, requiring the traditional advantages to be brought into play. At the same time, Taizhou will actively expand many opportunities and opportunities for plastic applications. New aseptic packaging films, antistatic films, cooking resistant films, packaging of hot drinks and beer, and composite hollow containers are all key areas of development; Based on the existing scale advantages, medical plastic products will be built into a national production base of disposable sterile syringes and infusion sets, and self destruction syringes, special syringes, PVC medical gloves, oxygen masks, infusion soft bags, artificial organs and veterinary medical plastic products will be developed; According to the national policy guidance, agricultural plastics will develop mulch films and greenhouse films with long life, aging resistance, fog and drip resistance, high transparency and heat preservation, and light conversion, as well as colored mulch films with various functions such as aphid removal and weeding. According to the situation of raw material supply and environmental protection, Taizhou has also established the goal of building a production base of degradable plastic raw materials, using the polylactic acid production technology developed by Haizheng group to build a production base of degradable plastics, and accelerate the development of application technology. In addition, the development of plastic modification technology has become a very important development direction in the plastic industry. Taizhou has focused on two aspects: first, accelerating the development of modification and utilization technology for recycling waste plastics; The second is to make general plastics engineering through modification, so as to achieve good cost performance

it is predicted that after the development of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the annual total output value of Taizhou Plastic industry will reach 72billion yuan, and form an influential plastic industry base at home and abroad

source: China Chemical Industry News

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