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Taizhou festival lamp enterprises explore the "two legged" walk

the competition in foreign markets is increasingly fierce, it is more and more difficult to explore new markets, and the export profit margin is declining year by year... For Taizhou festival lamp enterprises, which are mainly export-oriented and have strong seasonality in processing and production, at this time, the transformation from export to domestic sales has become a breakthrough in the development of the industry

it is understood that at present, some Taizhou export festival lamp enterprises have begun to transform and develop domestic sales. By serving urban landscape projects, they can alleviate the shortcomings of strong seasonality of the industry, and then improve the output value of the factory. Some enterprises are also gradually extending from the production of traditional festival lamp products to outdoor solar lighting lamps to expand the development space

keep an eye on the market and expand the domestic landscape lamp market

Huangyan Ningxi has the reputation of "hometown of Chinese festival lamps". There are a variety of local festival lamp products. Intelligent festival lamps, energy-saving and environment-friendly festival lamps and fashionable and beautiful handicraft shaped festival lamp products are constantly launched, and the products are exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, and even the newly developed African markets

in recent years, the rise of raw materials and the increase of labor costs have brought pressure to the export of foreign trade enterprises, and holiday lamp export enterprises are no exception. Therefore, many local enterprises have begun to expand the domestic market and enter urban landscape projects

in March this year, Ningxi held the "February 2" lantern show. The gorgeous lantern show made headlines and exploded in the circle of friends. It immediately became famous and attracted many tourists and merchants

"Ningxi Festival lights used to be unknown in the domestic market. We built a lantern town and held a 'February 2' special lantern festival. Many manufacturers invited merchants to enjoy the lights, which made them famous and established a brand." Lin bang, Secretary General of Huangyan Festival Lights Industry Association and general manager of Taizhou Huangyan Ningtai industry and Trade Co., Ltd., said that nowadays, with the rise of domestic tourism economy, landscape lights and lighting projects have a large demand for festival lights, and the market prospect is broad

it is easier said than done to switch from export to domestic sales. Switching from export to domestic sales is not as simple as directly bringing festival light products exported abroad to domestic sales, and it is not an overnight thing to get the recognition of supporting suppliers and consumers. To seek transformation, we have to start with our own practical conditions and the current situation of the instrument industry

in order to open the domestic market, many export enterprises once used the method of price war, but behind the low price is often low quality, which will make the industry fall into a vicious circle

"the development of new markets depends on the long-term stable product quality, so if enterprises want to export to domestic sales, the most basic thing is to control the product quality, actively adjust the product structure, and increase product innovation. Only when the scientific and technological content, product grade and independent innovation ability are improved, can they gradually open the domestic market and be accepted by the Chinese people." Lin 30t above electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine compared to electronic universal testing machine Bang said

to enhance competitiveness, enterprises open overseas warehouses

"Ningxi lantern exhibition integrates Festival Lantern elements into Ningxi traditional festivals, and it is also the beginning of Ningxi Festival Lantern going hand in hand at home and abroad." Lin Bang told that at present, there are 36 enterprises engaged in the production and operation of festival lights in Ningxi Town, of which 26 have achieved transformation and upgrading. In addition, the supporting industry development of festival lights in Ningxi town has also been steadily followed up, with 15 plug factories, wire factories and other enterprises

Taizhou Xinye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been transformed and upgraded since 2011, when it needs to replace the spring. It has constantly optimized the product structure, followed the high-end route, and created its own brand, which has won a high reputation in the overseas market. Last year, the annual output value of the company reached about 40million yuan, all of which stems from the brand awareness of the enterprise

like Taizhou Xinye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., many enterprises in Taizhou began to shift from OEM production to independent brand management

"generally, enterprises that only produce Festival Lights sell their products to customers through trading companies or export by themselves, mainly through OEM production. However, in order to improve market competitiveness, we not only registered trademarks, but also applied for various patents in export areas." Jin Xiangyang, general manager of Zhejiang Tiantian Electronics Co., Ltd., said that since holiday lights are very obvious consumer goods in the light and peak seasons, enterprises with their own warehouses overseas are more cost-effective than renting containers at the customs

because of the above considerations, Pearl Light Group Co., Ltd., which started producing holiday lights, adjusted its business model, set up a trading company in Mexico as early as more than a decade ago, and closed the machinery to have its own warehouse

learned that setting up warehouses overseas can ensure that enterprises' supply to overseas markets will not be affected by the slack and peak seasons. Of course, this model is more suitable for enterprises that produce and sell their own products, especially those that have their own sales channels and markets overseas. In recent years, there are more and more festival lamp enterprises with their own warehouses overseas, which also means that the popularity of the independent brands of Taizhou festival lamps in the overseas market is also gradually rising. At present, in Mexico alone, the festival lights produced in Taizhou have accounted for more than half of the local market

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