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Taizhou Convention and Exhibition Center is equipped with intelligent control system

all intelligent control systems of China Pharmaceutical City Convention and Exhibition Center are installed in place. The monitoring probe, fire alarm, computer, access control, information release and automatic control systems are all manufactured according to the standards of Shanghai International Fair 1, processing equipment exhibition center. At present, these intelligent control systems are managed by 8 technicians and security personnel 24 hours a day

it is understood that there are more than 400 chemical reaction monitoring probes outside and inside the Convention and Exhibition Center, including 386 inside and 41 outside. In addition to the office control, the entrance and booth of the Convention and Exhibition Center are within our vision. The person in charge of Cathay Pacific Convention and Exhibition Center, who is responsible for the exhibition arrangement, said that all the monitoring probes installed are currently the most advanced products with high definition. For example, there is a bottle of coke on a table in the exhibition hall. After focusing, you can clearly see the production date on the bottle. Exhibitors from all over the world must do their best to ensure safety

a staff member of Taizhou International Trade property Engineering Department said that in today's ever-changing network, the automatic control system in the exhibition center can intelligently control all air conditioning, lighting and landscape in the exhibition center. The automation system is all one button operation, such as the lighting equipment that can automatically adjust according to the brightness and darkness of the external light, which is manufactured indoors in combination with the research and development of pharmaceutical preparations and high-quality contracts. This kind of automatic control can carry out more scientific and reasonable management according to the environment, which is safe, energy-saving and efficient. The computer system has multiple firewalls. In the exhibition center, if you want to connect the external computer, you must go through more than 2 firewalls, so as to better ensure the safety of exhibitors' use of the network

the exhibition center is also equipped with an information release system. At the reception hall, elevators and other entrances and exits of the Convention and Exhibition Center, there are electronic displays that circularly broadcast the publicity information and materials of exhibitors

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