The hottest Taiyuan TDI device will be rectified a

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Taiyuan TDI device will be rectified and rebuilt

Taiyuan TDI device will be rectified and rebuilt

September 3, 2002

experienced "three-year construction, three-year test run, five-year shock", but the tensile strength of other products should be 200kn. Taiyuan TDI project finally reached a restructuring agreement with China Bluestar (Group) company, which solved the financing problem. This reorganization not only revitalized the huge idle assets of Taiyuan Chemical Industry Group, but also will have far-reaching significance for the development of China's polyurethane industry, driving the development of local related industries, and coping with the challenges of the international TDI industry

the second Design Institute of chemical industry is stepping up the design work of the rectification and reconstruction of Taiyuan TDI device

the entry of Bluestar (Group) in the form of holding is a blessing for Taiyuan TDI, which had a total assets (liabilities and equity) of 1.088 billion yuan by June 30, 2001. Bluestar takes advantage of its advantages in capital, technology, talents, mechanism, marketing and management, complements the advantages of Taihua company, and the investment is equivalent to 1/3 of the new plant, so it can complete the rectification and reconstruction project

the restructured Taiyuan TDI project will be managed by the multi Share Structure Co., Ltd. controlled by Bluestar

The restructured Taiyuan TDI project will form an industrial chain of TDI raw material production, scientific and Technological Development and deep processing. After the successful rectification,

still has a large market and strong competitiveness, which is also of great significance to the development and growth of Bluestar

the Taiyuan TDI rectification project has confirmed that 1. The Maozhan base of Sinopec has been included in the national petrochemical industry base plan. Based on the original process and technology route, combined with the production experience of Dahe production by modern technical means, and drawing on the successful experience and foreign technical improvements in recent years, the original annual production capacity of 20000 tons has been expanded to 30000 tons, and the by-product hydrogen chloride gas has been sent to the chlor alkali branch of Taihua as vinyl chloride and hydrochloric acid raw materials, Strive to complete the rectification project with the shortest construction period

the Taiyuan TDI project was once highly valued. The device is one of the three TDI devices imported from abroad, and the other two are distributed in Shanghai and Baiyin, Gansu Province. The total initial investment of Taiyuan TDI project was 476million yuan. The construction started in 1990. In 1993, another 120million yuan was invested in three years, but the production process was not completed. In 1997, the commissioning was forced to be terminated

in 1999, Cangzhou Dahua 20000 t/a TDI was completed and put into operation, which provided a basis for solving the technical problems of Taiyuan TDI

however, due to the long construction cycle and heavy debt of Taiyuan TDI project, new sources of funds and old debt repayment have become a problem of bringing the dead back to life, and even almost to the point of scrapping

although Taiyuan TDI project has lost no, you won't encounter more popular choices than plastic for less time, but you haven't completely lost the opportunity. At present, the world TDI annual production capacity is about 1.5 million tons, mainly concentrated in a few developed countries. It is expected that the demand growth rate of TDI

in the Asia Pacific region is expected to remain at about 7% in the next 10 years

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