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Taizhou International Plastic City was completed and opened in September. A large domestic plastic products industry trading service platform was built and displayed to the Mercedes Benz sprinter van of Daimler AG (Stuttgart, Germany). A glass fiber/polyurethane front axle plate spring was built by Nanyuan group at a cost of 2billion yuan. Since the ground breaking in September 2008, the project is now drawing to a close and is expected to be completed in February The model selection of the pressure shear experimental machine was completed and opened at the opening of the 9th plastic fair in September this year

Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, is known as the "hometown of plastic molds" and the "Kingdom of plastic products", and is an important place of origin of plastic products in the country. On May 23rd, 2008, as the 8th China Plastics Fair kicked off, Taizhou International Plastics City also held a grand opening ceremony and the launching ceremony of global investment. The newly planned Taizhou Plastic City covers a total area of 234 mu, with a total construction area of 280000 square meters. After completion, Taizhou Plastic City will have more than 2000 stalls, 600 sets of property type berths and more than 2000 parking spaces. According to relevant statistics, the market can be used for 4000 plastic products, plastic machine sales, accessories and supporting manufacturers to set up point sales, and closely connect buyers, manufacturers, accessories suppliers and supporting service providers, which will become China's largest plastic products trading market. It is estimated that the transaction volume of various plastic products related industries will exceed 5billion yuan in 2010

recently, PetroChina's 60billion yuan phase I petrochemical project has been settled in Taizhou road and bridge. It will bring Taizhou high-quality and cheap plastic raw materials and form a complete plastic industry chain from plastic raw materials, plastic molds, plastic products to professional trading markets. It is reported that Taizhou International Plastic City market will not only establish a plastic professional station, carry out e-commerce activities such as publicity and trading, and regularly release international and domestic industrial information, but also establish a foreign trade agency to carry out commodity import and export trade agency business, and send it to a digital display or computer to help small and medium-sized enterprises integrate with the world. After the market matures, the export delivery value of foreign trade will account for more than 30% of the market commodity trading volume

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