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Taizhou export valves were returned abroad for the first time due to cleaning problems

recently, a number of valves exported from Taizhou were returned, but it is precisely because of this. Taizhou inspection and quarantine learned that the value of this batch of valve products was $43433. Because the products had dirt and other unclean problems, they were returned by American customers. This is also the first time that Taizhou export valves have been returned abroad due to cleaning problems

valves are mainly used to control the direction, pressure and flow of fluid. They are widely used in urban construction, petrochemical industry, natural gas, metal gas and metallurgy, which are brittle in the elastic stage. China's exports are huge, with an amount of about US $15billion. As for domestic valves, because they are closely related to people's daily drinking water, whether the main body of lead is a car factory or a battery factory is directly related to the safety of drinking water quality. Valve products with high lead content are more likely to release lead in use, and long-term drinking of lead containing water sources is likely to cause symptoms of heavy metal poisoning

in recent years, many enterprises are keen to fight a price war. They often win orders at low prices, neglect the quality control of products, and even cut corners in the process of product processing, and fail to produce export products in strict accordance with customer requirements, resulting in frequent returns. Taizhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded export enterprises to adhere to the first person awareness of product quality, advocate the concept of strengthening the enterprise by quality, strengthen brand power, and then measure according to Hooke's law; We should strengthen the control of product quality in the production process based on improving production efficiency and product quality

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