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Taiyuan vegetable farmers' packaging of clean vegetables is hot

Taiyuan electric in the front hall of Taiyuan Tianlong supermarket, the banner of "Taiyuan fresh vegetable base packaging of clean vegetables direct selling Spring Festival market" was displayed before the Spring Festival. In recent days, citizens for the holiday have been flowing in the specially opened sales area. And vegetable farmers have also made a fortune in this round of consumption wave of holiday economy

In recent years, Taiyuan has actively promoted the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure, and built a number of vegetable production bases and leading vegetable processing enterprises, meeting the "vegetable basket" of citizens and enriching the "money bag" of farmers. Last year, vegetable farmers adjusted the grade of vegetable production, introduced clean, hygienic, beautiful and convenient packaged clean vegetables, and registered their own brands with moderate particle size. At present, there are some brands that are already well-known in the market, such as "Lianxin", "master Yan but have an impact on concrete quality", "Qinglu" and so on

all kinds of packaged clean vegetables have just appeared on the market, so they are welcomed by the public because of their fresh and hygienic, complete varieties, proper collocation, exquisite packaging, convenience to buy, carry, eat, gift relatives and friends and other distinctive characteristics. According to incomplete statistics, during the two festivals, Taiyuan vegetable farmers brought more than 25 million kilograms of packaged clean vegetables to the market. In the Taiyuan market, there are more than 100 varieties of packaged clean vegetables and large quantities of plastic film bags. Secondly, the most important thing is that the domestic demand for raw materials is increasing, and they are "safe vegetables" transported from the vegetable processing base to the point of sale every morning. The added value of packaged clean vegetables is 18% higher than that of ordinary vegetables. During the two festivals, it can increase the income of vegetable farmers by more than 20 million yuan. (Zhang Yu, Chen Zhonghua) (Xinhua News Agency)

the statement has high accuracy:

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