The hottest coating enterprises call for price inc

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Coating enterprises call for price increase

[news about China coating new can accurately measure the tensile strain hardening index (n value) of metal sheet and strip]

according to the survey, the performance of raw material enterprises such as Yantai Wanhua, satellite petrochemical, longmang Baili and CNNC titanium dioxide this year has increased several times or more. However, the performance of paint enterprises represented by sankeshu, Yashi Chuang Neng and Jitai Co., Ltd. not only grew sluggishly this year, but also the newly listed Yashi Chuang Neng was exposed to a sharp increase in credit sales and a doubling of accounts receivable. Even in the first three quarters of this year, Nippon, an international leading enterprise, experienced a strange phenomenon that its sales increased by 17.6% year-on-year, while its profits fell by 4.8% year-on-year

this is true for enterprises with certain bargaining power like nippon, not to mention those domestic small and medium-sized coating enterprises that have no bargaining power. Although the prices of raw material enterprises have increased round after round, it is difficult for the downstream coating enterprises to do anything. It is not only difficult for coating enterprises to raise prices, but also a large number of coating enterprises are still engaged in vicious competition

many small and medium-sized enterprises in the downstream generally buy first for current use due to the small demand for raw materials and limited funds, which leads to weak resistance to the rise in the price of raw materials. The price of raw materials rises substantially, and the price must also rise substantially to meet the production cost. The product prices of small and medium-sized enterprises are relatively cheap, and the cost of raw materials accounts for a large proportion of their product costs. Therefore, the price of raw materials soared. If there is no capital turnover, it will be forced to close down

only an environment with qualified performance can ensure the accuracy and stability of the test results of the concrete pressure testing machine.

with the rising price of raw materials, enterprises need to pay more money to purchase the same raw materials. In the future, small and medium-sized enterprises will face the situation of unsalable products, because most small and medium-sized enterprises win the market by virtue of price advantage. However, after the tide of price rise, small and medium-sized enterprises have raised prices by a large margin, but the quality has not kept up with the pace of price rise

evaluate the adaptability of a kind of thermal insulation material to housing construction projects, that is to say, the price rise has narrowed the price difference between low-end products and medium and high-end products. More and more consumers will give up low-end products without price advantage and spend more money on medium and high-end products when choosing products. No matter what the price is, today, when prices are rising all over the world, those enterprises that insist on product quality without falling off the line are really valuable

therefore, enterprises should rationally treat the market, properly make some price adjustments, and establish the self-discipline of the industry, which should also be considered at present

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