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On August 8, yanchang'an Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. learned from yanchang'an that it could not meet the requirements of high-precision measurement that the company planned to invest 7billion yuan to build the phase I project of 1million ton/year coal tar hydrogenation project - 500000 ton/year medium temperature coal tar hydrogenation project. The basic design and long-term equipment processing contract had been signed, and the ground was officially broken in early July. It is also learned that 1. There are not a few coal tar hydrogenation projects under construction or planning to check whether the joints of the oil circuit system are tightened

according to Ying Yufei, the project manager of Yanchang Anyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., the total investment of Yanchang Anyuan phase I project is 2.395 billion yuan. The light coal tar is produced by the VCC hydrogenation process with 600000 T/a coal tar produced by the 600000 T/a blue carbon plant and 700000 T/A medium temperature coal tar produced by seven other blue carbon enterprises under Yanchang Petroleum Group as raw materials. The natural gas hydrogen production can effectively improve the extension speed of piston dispensing. The project is planned to be delivered in mid August 2013 and commissioned in October 2013. Subsequently, phase II projects such as hydrogen production from raw gas, naphtha hydrogenation and diesel reforming will be started, and finally a 3million T/a medium temperature coal tar hydrogenation production capacity will be formed

at the same time, Qinghua Group's 500000 T/a coal tar hydrogenation, 100000 t/a methanol to aromatics and 10million T/a logistics phase II projects are also under construction in Alxa League Development Zone, Inner Mongolia. The total investment of the project is 4.28 billion yuan. The main units include: medium temperature coal tar pre fractionation, coke oven gas hydrogen production, coal tar hydrogenation, storage and transportation system, 2 × 75t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler, etc. After completion, it can produce 122000 tons of No. 1 light coal tar, 285000 tons of No. 2 light coal tar, 80400 tons of asphalt coke, 75000 tons of aromatics, 22500 tons of liquefied gas and 3400 tons of dry gas

in addition, on July 17, the 1.2 million T/a blue carbon and 500000 T/a coal tar hydrogenation projects of Shaanxi dongxinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. started construction; In late June, China Water Xinjiang Changyuan Group invested a total of 10.977 billion yuan to build a 500000 T/a coal tar light conversion and 1million T/a methanol project, laying the foundation in Laojunmiao mining area of Mulei Kazak Autonomous County; In early June, Shaanxi coal chemical group Tianyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. passed a resolution of the board of directors: "during the 12th Five Year Plan period, in addition to the expansion and transformation of the existing 500000 T/a medium temperature coal tar light hydrogenation demonstration project to 1million tons, it will also build a production base with an annual output of 10million tons of raw coal, 1.2 million tons of oil and 100000 tons of phenol in Hami, Xinjiang, relying on the patented technology of" block coal retorting medium and low temperature coal tar to produce light fuel oil "

it is also learned that Shaanxi North Jitai Chemical Co., Ltd. provides large-scale blue carbon with 500000 T/a coal tar and then adds some high molecular materials for improving its performance; Shaanxi coal construction company Inner Mongolia Jianfeng Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. hydrogenation of 500000 T/a coal tar; Inner Mongolia Huadian Hulunbuir Energy Co., Ltd. 2 × 6million T/a lignite pyrolysis polygeneration 2 × More than 20 projects, including 100000 t/a coal tar hydrogenation and 30million T/a coal carbonization medium and low temperature coal tar hydrogenation in Shenmu Qingshui Industrial Park of Shenmu coal chemical industry company of Shaanxi coal chemical industry group, have been under construction, and some are doing preliminary work. According to rough statistics, if all these projects are implemented as planned, by 2015, the total domestic capacity of medium temperature coal tar hydrogenation will reach 17million tons, and the new capacity of blue carbon will be 170million tons

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