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Recently, the coated glass company learned from the coated glass company that the Low-E glass that can be processed in different places has been successfully introduced, which means that Beige has leapt to a new level in the Low-E technology that can be tempered, and opened up a precedent for the road of "coating before tempering" in the coated glass industry

it is reported that this technology is a hard nut to crack in China. At present, it is difficult to improve the product transmittance of most domestic tempered Low-E film systems. This is because a barrier layer is added to the coating layer to prevent the tempered Lo from being damaged at high temperature. The tensile elongation of the experimental machine is the barrier layer that reduces the product transmittance, However, if the thickness of the barrier layer is reduced blindly, the products will not be able to withstand the test of tempering due to the thinning of the barrier layer. Therefore, at present, most of the domestic coating lines still remain in the operation mode of producing ordinary low-e. only a few large enterprises produce tempered Low-E mainly by internal digestion, with few for export and small production scale, And the technical requirements for the membrane system to lose stability due to oxidation caused by long storage are not high

at the beginning of the year, our company put the research and development of this technology in the first place, and placed the heavy responsibility on the coated glass company. From the beginning of March to June 22, it took only a few months for coated glass to develop the technology of toughenable 80. Its light transmittance even reached 85%. Strictly speaking, it should be called toughenable 85. Its light transmittance is not much lower than that of 6mm white glass with 89% light transmittance. It is rare in the same industry to achieve this standard of toughenable low-e, Moreover, from the point of view of the neutralization of glass color and the stability of glass film, the technology of beige high permeability tempered glass has matured, and the acceptance of the market is just around the corner. A total of 351 columns of

"innovation is endless, and hard work is the only way to win" are probably the most appropriate words for the employees of coated glass companies. Thanks to the hard work of Beibo people, Beibo has added another leading technology. It is believed that even in the storm of the financial crisis, we still have enough competitiveness in the glass industry

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