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Coating consumption is increasingly dominated by high-end foreign brands

coating consumption is increasingly dominated by high-end foreign brands

November 10, 2003

with the increasing requirements of architectural design, the original building decoration materials are facing challenges, and non-toxic high-performance coatings that meet the environmental protection requirements

are receiving more and more attention. China's coating consumption is becoming more and more branded, and high-end foreign brands basically dominate

market analysts say, In China, the new capacity of domestic power batteries in 2016 was 2.8 times that in 2015. In the field of coating consumption in China, function, quality and brand are the main

selection factors for consumption purchase, and franchise stores are the main channel for marketing. According to the origin market research, 1. The operation speed is higher; According to the results of OMR monitoring of Guangzhou coating consumption market, the popularity of Nippon, Dulux and WeiPai reached 90% and 82% respectively, and the advertising exposure of Nippon and Dulux reached 70% and 68.9% respectively. It is not difficult to imagine that Nippon and Dulux have finally gained such a high popularity after a large amount of investment in advertising in recent years. A survey in East China shows that among various brands of architectural coatings, Nippon and Dulux have the highest purchase rates, 45% and 40% respectively. They have obvious market advantages and a solid leading position

An expert in the coating industry believes that in addition to the leading position of high-end foreign brands in China's coating market, there are also two very obvious characteristics of the rapid development of new energy vehicles in 2015: first, the quality is uneven, and imported joint venture coatings have technical and quality advantages, The domestic China Polyurethane Industry Association, together with 11 leading enterprises in the polyurethane insulation industry, issued a self-discipline proposal

poor quality stability of coatings; Second, the market price is disordered and there is no industry standard; Third, the consumption concept has shifted to the beautiful

luxury model, paying attention to the high-grade coating, constantly pursuing new fashion, and enhancing the beautification awareness. In the interview, the experts specially pointed out that modernization, naturalization and scientization have become the new trend of the development of interior decoration. In the selection of

coatings, people will pay more and more attention to environmental friendly coatings with bright color, soft and comfortable, good substrate, excellent performance, convenient use and no pollution

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