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Coal fired captive power plants should undertake the task of peak load regulation and consumption of clean energy while paying government funds and surcharges in full.

according to the specific indicators put forward in the action plan, in 2018, ensure that the national average utilization rate of wind power will be higher than 88% (strive to reach more than 90%), the utilization rate of photovoltaic power generation will be higher than 95%, and most nuclear power plants in the country will achieve safety guaranteed consumption. By 2020, ensure that the national average wind power utilization rate reaches the international advanced level (strive to reach about 95%), and the wind abandonment rate is controlled at a reasonable level (strive to control about 5%); The utilization rate of photovoltaic power generation is higher than 95%, and the light rejection rate is lower than 5%. The utilization rate of hydropower in China is over 95%. The national nuclear power industry has achieved safety assurance consumption

for Xinjiang, Gansu and other key provinces that abandon wind and light, as well as Sichuan, Yunnan and other key provinces that abandon water, the action plan has formulated a plan to improve the utilization rate of clean energy. On the other hand, there is a serious shortage of dynamic machines and advanced static experimental machines. By 2020, the photovoltaic power rejection rate in Xinjiang and Gansu will be reduced to 10% and the wind power rejection rate will be reduced to 15%. According to the data of the national energy administration, in the first three quarters of this year, the light abandonment was mainly concentrated in Xinjiang and Gansu. Among them, the amount of light abandonment in Xinjiang (excluding the Corps) was 1.73 billion kwh, with a light abandonment rate of 16%; Gansu has 780million kilowatt hours of waste light, and the rate of waste light is 10%. In the same period, the wind abandonment rates in Xinjiang and Gansu also ranked among the top two in China, reaching 24.6% and 19.7% respectively

the ways to achieve the above-mentioned indicators with high profits include optimizing the power supply layout, giving play to the market regulation function, strengthening macro policy guidance, deeply tapping the peak shaving potential at the power side, and giving full play to the role of the power resource allocation platform

among them, the action plan proposes a series of measures to promote consumption by means of market-oriented trading, including promoting clean energy to directly sign medium - and long-term trading contracts with large users, captive power plant loads and other subjects in a large range by binding with thermal power and other power sources; Break down barriers to inter provincial power trading, promote inter provincial power generation rights replacement trading, ensure the implementation of inter provincial clean energy power transmission agreements, and clean energy power can be delivered beyond the plan; Local governments shall not interfere in renewable energy quotation and trading; Reasonably expand the scope of nuclear power consumption, and encourage nuclear power to participate in cross provincial and regional market transactions; Encourage clean energy power generation to participate in the spot market, and open the market to clean energy entities outside the region at the same time. In short, it encourages clean energy to participate in medium - and long-term electricity trading, cross provincial market trading and spot trading

in terms of policy preference, the action plan proposes to study and implement the renewable energy power quota system, improve the non water renewable energy electricity price policy, implement the clean energy priority power generation system, and start the revision of the renewable energy law

while encouraging the preferential consumption of clean energy power generation, the output of thermal power units will be reduced accordingly. According to the action plan, ③ wolf formula, the agency of the national energy administration, together with relevant departments, organized provincial power companies to carry out the verification of the minimum technical output rate and minimum startup mode of thermal power units; Complete the verification work before the end of 2018, and update and adjust it year by year; The power dispatching organization shall dispatch thermal power units in strict accordance with the verification results

the coal-fired captive power plant should also undertake the task of peak load regulation and consumption of clean energy while fully paying government funds and surcharges. The action plan clearly requires to further expand the trading scale of the load market of clean energy replacing captive power plants, study and issue relevant policies on load peak shaving of captive power plants to absorb new energy, strengthen the connection between captive power plants and main electrical, and take the lead in realizing the participation of captive power plants in new energy rich areas in peak shaving. Urge self owned power plants to pay government funds and surcharges in full to improve the competitiveness of clean energy alternative power generation. In 2018, clean energy will strive to replace self owned power plants to generate more than 10billion kwh; By 2020, we will strive to replace more than 50billion kilowatt hours of electricity

the construction of delivery channels in clean energy rich areas will also be accelerated. The action plan calls for accelerating the construction of medical high molecular nanocomposite channels for hydropower delivery to China UK universities, such as Yazhong, Wudongde, Baihetan and the upper reaches of Jinsha River; Research and promote the construction of high proportion renewable energy channels in Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and other rich regions. We will strengthen the construction of renewable energy rich regions and provincial internal power grids, and focus on solving the problem of insufficient internal power transmission section capacity in Gansu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Xinjiang, Hebei, Sichuan, Yunnan and other regions. By the end of 2020, the proportion of renewable energy in the main trans provincial transmission channels will strive to reach an average of more than 30%

in order to strengthen the assessment of clean energy consumption targets, in the provinces (autonomous regions and cities) with serious water, wind and light abandonment and low utilization rate of nuclear power units, the local energy authorities shall, together with the regulatory agencies dispatched by the national energy administration, formulate a special plan to solve the problem of clean energy consumption in their own regions. Organize the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) that have the conditions to accept the outward clean energy consumption, and define the consumption objectives of the region. Define the operation proportion target of non-aqueous renewable energy in the total electricity in the joint transmission channel of new energy and coal power, and implement annual assessment. In principle, for areas where the utilization rate of wind power and photovoltaic power generation exceeds 95%, the limited power generation will no longer be included in the national limited power statistics. For regions and major watersheds (rivers and river reaches) with hydropower utilization rate of more than 95%, the limited power generation will no longer be included in the national limited power statistics

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