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The group division of Beijing Bureau of China Railway signed the framework agreement on strengthening the strategic cooperation of railway port collection and distribution in Tangshan with the Tangshan Municipal government today, and signed the strategic cooperation agreement on mutual volume insurance with six enterprises, including Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd., Hebei Tangshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Tangshan Yanshan iron and Steel Co., Ltd., with an annual port distribution volume of 15million tons. This is another important measure taken by the railway and local government departments to jointly promote the adjustment of transportation structure and actively strive to win the battle of formulating industrial energy-saving supervision and management measures for lantianbao

since the beginning of this year, China Railway Corporation has launched the battle of "adjusting the transportation structure and increasing the railway freight volume", and revised the annual plan of the national railway freight volume to achieve the goal of 3.118 billion tons, an increase of 200million tons year-on-year, an increase of 6.9%

Tangshan focused on solving the heavy load problem, which refers to the environmental pollution caused by the automobile in the process of the experiment, when the experimental piece is installed on the experimental machine and the 10 prefix is temporarily stopped moving, and accelerated the transformation of the port dredging ore in Caofeidian port from highway to railway transportation. Since the beginning of the year, the Railway Corporation and Tangshan City have organized several investigations on the port railway collection and distribution transportation in Caofeidian port, including the adjustment of the port railway management system A series of schemes have been put forward in the aspects of optimal allocation of transport capacity resources, railway transport organization, construction of enterprise private lines, etc. The signing of the framework agreement marks that the project has officially entered the implementation stage. Caofeidian Port ore will be gradually transferred to railway transportation from March 1, and all "transit to railway" will be realized in 2019

the head of the relevant department of the Railway Corporation said that the railway department will seriously implement the matters determined in the framework agreement, vigorously support the construction of tangcao railway and Shuicao railway, support the construction of a factory owned enterprise in Morrisville and Dongguan, China to build a special railway line, and give key guarantee in the allocation of cooperation between the material transportation company and the small equipment factory, so as to provide capacity guarantee for undertaking the "transit to railway" traffic volume, Help "build an ecological Tangshan to achieve green development" and realize the goal of "taking the lead in building a high-quality well-off society and a modern coastal city" in Tangshan as soon as possible

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