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On April 30, Meiao wardrobe, together with Fangtai, Shanggao bathroom, sijimuge, nature flooring, aesthetic ceramics and other ten building materials brands, staged a wonderful alliance bargain at Yongxiu hotel in Yongxiu County, detonating the whole audience

on April 30, Meiao wardrobe, together with the top ten building materials brands such as Fangtai, Shanggao sanitary ware, sijimuge, nature flooring, and aestheticism ceramics, staged a wonderful alliance bargaining meeting at Yongxiu hotel in Yongxiu County, detonating the audience

as one of the well-known wardrobe brands in the Yongxiu building materials market, the American and Australian wardrobe Yongxiu exclusive store actively participated in the bargaining meeting of the building materials brand alliance. Sufficient preparations were made before the activity began, and a large publicity poster was posted in front of the exclusive store early to vigorously publicize the bargaining meeting of the alliance

in order to give back the support of the general public all the time, Meiao wardrobe Yongxiu exclusive store has brought a series of best-selling products, value-added discounts and rich awards to the owners. Waves of surprises have made owners flock to Meiao booth to understand and select products. The shopping guide of Meiao wardrobe Yongxiu store interacted with Yongxiu owners on the spot and explained patiently to consumers

in this bargaining meeting, the owners of American and Australian wardrobes really realized the pursuit of low price and high quality, and gained more unchanged and even better services

finally, the lucky prize was drawn on the spot, and the bargaining meeting came to a successful conclusion

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