Decoration effect drawing of duplex stairs

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Duplex refers to that the residence occupies the upper and lower floors. Bedrooms, living rooms, living rooms, toilets, kitchens and other auxiliary rooms can be arranged in layers. The traffic between the upper and lower floors is not through public stairs, but is connected by small stairs alone in the user, which has a villa like feeling. In this series of "leapfrog Mini townhouse", Xiaobian will show you all the functional areas of this emerging house type one by one, in order to make readers fall in love with this kind of creative design with a sense of hierarchy

decoration effect drawing of duplex stairs

as the most symbolic key, the setting of stairs should make rational use of space and skillfully choose decoration, which can produce the best decorative artistic effect in the room. It can not only meet the requirements of people's use function, but also give people beautiful enjoyment

decoration effect drawing of duplex stairs

the best theoretical stairs are 300mm wide and 150mm high. But in fact, many cannot be satisfied. It depends on your space. It's best to meet this. However, the height should not exceed 200mm and the width should not be less than 250mm. If the width is too small, it is recommended not to erect the board

decoration effect drawing of duplex stairs

when there is a stairwell, first determine the home decoration style, and the stair style should be unified with the overall decoration style. For the European style, the stairs should choose hand-made wood carvings as guardrail columns, and the pedal paint is bright. And equipped with special carpet. For the modern simple style, the stairs should be made of steel, simple, transparent and clear lines; With glass and stainless steel as the main materials, the pedal is based on integrated materials, which should not be changed. The handrail can be made of wood, leather, imitation wood or metal. The Chinese style stairs are mainly all inclusive, with Chinese wood carvings on the side facade, and the guardrail can also use Chinese window ridge as the main body





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