Easy to have three matching tricks of Japanese rom

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Part1: elegant Zen traditional Japanese style

details 1: Japanese tatami

matching comments: in Japanese home decoration, tatami emitting straw fragrance, translucent camphor paper creating a hazy atmosphere, and a courtyard with a strong sense of nature run through the design layout of the whole room, and natural materials are the most characteristic part of Japanese decoration

detail 2: Japanese push-pull grille

collocation comments: Japanese design style is directly affected by Japanese style architecture. It pays attention to the flow and separation of space. The flow is a room, and the separation is divided into several functional spaces. The space can always make people think quietly and have infinite Zen meaning

detail 3: traditional Japanese tea table

matching comments: traditional Japanese furniture has formed a unique furniture style with its unique taste of freshness, nature, simplicity and elegance. For us living in the urban forest, the leisure, freehand brushwork and leisurely life realm created by the Japanese home environment may be what we pursue

part2: simple and natural new Japanese style

detail 1: beige + white color matching

matching comments: the new Japanese style home is mainly simple, and the Japanese style home emphasizes the calmness of natural colors and the simplicity of modeling lines. Most of the doors and windows of the room are simple and transparent, and the furniture is low and not much, giving people a feeling of spacious and bright

detail 2: log colored furniture

matching comments: adhering to the praise of the original form in traditional Japanese aesthetics, the original surface reveals the cement surface, wood texture, metal lattice or finish, deliberately showing the true nature of the material, and precisely polished to show the unique texture of the material - this filtered spatial effect has a calm and smooth visual surface, but affects people's feelings, So that the potential nostalgia, homesickness and return to nature of people in cities can be compensated




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