Me and my infinite flower water-based paint

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My name is men Shijian. I am the founder of infinite flower water paint brand. After I first came into contact with water-based paint in Germany in 1996, I registered Luyuan paint industry Co., Ltd. in 1998 with the brand "infinite flower"

since the first day of the establishment of the company, I have made it clear that we only produce environmentally friendly water paint products, that is, furniture, metal, plastic, wall and other water paint products that need to be painted. I promise everyone, including our employees: we will not produce a drop of oily paint! Even paint products may bring us great benefits

after more than ten years of efforts, we have never given up our original intention from the initial sprouting state, all the way hard, all the way stumbled, all the way insisted. Until today, we have established stable cooperative relations with many well-known domestic enterprises with good reputation. Top 100 furniture, PetroChina Luxi natural gas equipment, Weima, kena metal, Huachen heavy industry, Kemei flooring, etc. are our strategic partners. Infinite flowers have grown strong

objectively speaking, I can only give infinite flower 80 points now, because we still have many aspects to do well, we still have many places to improve, we still need more in-depth investment and research in many fields, we still have a lot of room to improve our ability in product technology, our newly optimized formula system will be more perfect, and our after-sales service should be more immediate and in place...... And all this needs us to try our best to continuously complete and promote to the market. Constantly improving product quality and service is the goal we will continue to move forward and strive for in the future

if someone asks, what is my biggest worry? What I am most worried about is that with the support of national policies, the improvement of the people's awareness of environmental protection and the requirements for the quality of life, a large number of paint production factories will blindly follow the trend, and even be eager for quick success and instant benefits. In order to meet the needs of the market and earn fast money, even some paint brands with a certain popularity in the industry spend a lot of money on advertising. They spend every effort to pay attention to marketing means, engage in planning schemes, and use gorgeous words in propaganda, They did not devote themselves to the research and development of product technology. In order to compete for customers, they fought a price war with poor quality products, which made the whole industry infamous. At that time, the reputation of the water paint industry will repeat the mistakes. So that enterprises that make water paint in a down-to-earth manner have also suffered a heavy blow

therefore, we hope that when these things really happen, you can know that the above has nothing to do with infinite flower water paint. We are extremely concerned about our reputation and our brand, because we know and believe that the biggest difficulty in all industries in China lies in trust and brand building

we don't advertise, because we know that wool comes from sheep, and the final consumption is paid by consumers. Our occasional publicity on the Internet, newspapers and media is just to let everyone know more about water paint, this product that is inseparable from our daily life, its environmental protection, the difference between it and paint, and the benefits of energy conservation and environmental protection it brings to us

we pay attention to brand word-of-mouth communication. For every customer, we try our best to explain, test and finally recognize and use. We can use the fastest speed and the shortest time to serve our customers, rather than just accounting for whether we have paid a loss or a profit

infinite flower water paint brand is my child. I watched it grow day by day and watered it with painstaking efforts. I hope, I believe more, ten years, fifty years, a hundred years...... Infinite flowers will bloom more brightly




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