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Abstract: "new retail" has become a hot word in society, and major manufacturers are discussing the future development trend and market situation of new retail. Under the pressure of new retail development, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises also began to involve online marketing

with the emergence of new retail, no matter which industry it is, it feels pressure, and even has problems such as "closing stores" and "closing down". In fact, there are two sides to the development of things. There is pressure for development, there is power for development, just like there is market, there must be competition. Therefore, in this regard, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should make adjustments in combination with their own development, whether new retail or physical stores, As long as it stays at the "traditional" level and does not develop, the future development prospects will not be optimistic

as the saying goes, "there is pressure, there is power". In this case, for aluminum alloy door and window enterprises, whether online marketing or physical stores, challenges and opportunities coexist, and power and pressure are two sides of development. Aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should know that the current development trend of the Internet is inevitable. Only by combining the development of the Internet + physical stores, can we win-win. In other words, whether online giants or offline enterprises, aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises cannot be conservative and closed

everything has two sides. It cannot be asserted that the emergence of new retail will lead to the death of physical stores or e-commerce. Whether you are online marketing or offline marketing, you can continue to develop as long as you have innovation and personality. This is an era of symbiosis and elimination. No aluminum alloy door and window enterprise can be sure that a brand has a good prospect for online development

in short, in the new retail era, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises have not been defeated, but actively innovate and plan. Only under pressure can they drive the development of aluminum alloy door and window enterprises. No matter what the development trend of aluminum alloy door and window market is, we need to see clearly the essence of "new retail marketing", find the market, take users as the root, and take service as the foundation. Only by doing well in products and services can we truly stand on the market





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