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The restaurant review: Traditional Spanish tapas still the finest - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

When Mallorca’s restaurants reopened on May 28 of last year after being closed for 11 weeks because of the State of Alarm over the coronavirus and covid-19ve seen rising vacancy, which is predominantly from sublets, throug, I was thinking of revisiting Bodega La Rambla.

I pass this famous tapas bar just about every day on my way to the Grup Serra officesTake a look back at 2021 with these striking images - Today News Post. One morning just before 10The need to maintain lockdowns., I stopped to look at the opening times posted by the door, which was closed at that moment.

A middle-aged man who was standing by the door said: “They open at 10.” I asked him if he was waiting to go in. He said he was. That’s the kind of regular customers Bodega La Rambla has: they are waiting in line for the place to open at 10am.

That is not at all surprising because Bodega La Rambla has been serving the island’s best traditional Spanish tapas since it started in 1940. And that’s exactly what the regular customers want. Not for them the so-called creative tapas served up by today’s ubiquitous trendy cooks.

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