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Service upgrading Xiaoying technology officially launched the "952592" group customer service

in order to better cooperate with the rapid development of business and products, Xiaoying technology comprehensively upgraded the customer service system, officially launched the 952592 national unified customer service number, and provided longer-term intelligent services with shorter and easier to remember numbers. Since its establishment six years ago, Xiaoying technology has always adhered to the service concept of "user first" while checking whether the lifting action of the lower jaw base is in line with the text shown on the button. In order to better understand customer needs and improve service quality, Xiaoying technology has built a user service system and built an AI intelligent customer service platform that understands the financial technology industry. Maximize the efficiency of financial services through highly intelligent closed-loop services, empower finance with science and technology, and win the trust of users with service capabilities

new customer service empowering new chapter of customer service

from a professional point of view, 95 is directly managed and approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China. It has no area code and is unique in the country. Due to the scarcity of accurate and reliable resources, enterprises need to operate legally and comply with certain qualifications before applying, and the audit procedures are particularly stringent. This time, Xiaoying technology upgraded customer service to 952592, which can bring users a multi-directional service upgrade experience

technology upgrading and enabling: 95 can use the call center technology to make most of the use of high molecular polymers. In terms of single functions in the technology collection, it can realize national or local unified number access, and realize IVR automatic voice service, intelligent traffic distribution, voice mailbox and public seat service, so as to quickly build a 24-hour customer service center

quality image empowerment: 95 customer service short numbers are connected to large enterprises in banking, insurance, securities, aviation, logistics and other industries, so as to comprehensively improve the customer service image of enterprises

safe and reliable enabling: the 95 number has only 6 digits, which is more convenient for users to remember and dial, and technically can quickly obtain service response, which greatly saves users' time; At the same time, because the 95 number has high recognition, it is not easy to be counterfeited, and it also avoids the risk of insecurity to users to the greatest extent

continuous overweight technology, intelligent customer service optimization ultimate experience

the core significance of intelligent customer service application is to make customers experience simpler, safer and more convenient services through the use of technology. At the beginning of its establishment, Xiaoying technology adheres to the corporate culture of user first, and has successively provided customers with diversified service channels such as, customer service, app, Weibo, SMS, email, page form, etc., while constantly exploring ways and means of rapid and high-quality response

during the epidemic period, Xiaoying technology responded to the requirements of the government for epidemic prevention and control, home office and so on, but a large number of business service demands of customers have not been reduced. At this time, AI intelligent customer service system stepped forward to strongly supplement and cooperate with manual customer service. Data show that from January to March this year, AI intelligent customer service volume broke the level of one million, AI response accuracy was as high as 98%, and AI service solution rate exceeded 70%. It not only solves the sudden human problems, but also greatly improves the efficiency of high-quality service

the customer service AI robot service of Xiaoying technology presents a funnel service mode, which is composed of three layers: after the customer enters the line, the top layer is provided by the customer service robot (text, voice). AI will first answer the customer's questions. If AI cannot answer the part, it will be transferred to ai+ manual processing. Through AI empowerment, if necessary, the service efficiency and synergy of manual can be measured by viscometer, At the same time, involving the particularity of financial services, pure manual services will be provided according to the situation of customers

on the basis of the huge knowledge base of Xiaoying technology customer service and the continuous training of the customer service expert team, intelligent customer service has fully learned, and the response language is more humanized. In an environment of barrier free communication, it can not only solve problems for customers, but also better understand the essence of customer demands

at present, Xiaoying technology customer service AI service is mainly used in text IM service and voice incoming call service, of which AI intelligent service (ivr+im) contributes more than 70%, greatly improving the efficiency of high-quality service

nowadays, the comprehensively upgraded customer service ability of Xiaoying technology has come to the front of the industry, but as a growing customer service team, it is still learning and growing, laying a solid foundation for longer-term business development

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