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Servo technology creates high-end stepper driver Kinco, as a leading supplier of machine automation products and solutions in China, is also the first outstanding representative enterprise engaged in stepper driver business in China. Since its inception, the company has been focusing on product development and innovation, and excellence has always been our unremitting pursuit. We use the servo platform technology imported from Germany to create a new generation of high-end stepping drivers, and provide customers with the best solutions with high cost performance

Buke has made a relatively complete and long-term plan for the development of stepping products. Its product development line has three series of advanced plans, namely, "Kinco traditional series" -- "kincon series" -- "kincoi series". Kinco's traditional series adopts 8-bit single chip, which is to provide customers with experience machine processors that can actually contact or see the trial products, and its performance and functions can meet general applications; Kincon series adopts DSP processor and space vector algorithm, and its performance and function can meet the requirements of high-end applications; Kincoi series has the industrial mode of aluminum electricity integration, the first non-ferrous industry in China; Led the establishment of a strategic alliance for innovation in energy-efficient aluminum electrolysis technology; Successfully developed large-scale aluminum electrolysis series non-stop slotting technology; Developed the first 320ka and 400kA large-scale energy-saving aluminum electrolysis production line in China; The new technology of low temperature and low voltage aluminum electrolysis has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China; The high-temperature superconducting DC transmission cable jointly researched with the Chinese Academy of Sciences has achieved engineering demonstration operation in the 320ka electrolytic aluminum production workshop; Complete the task line communication function of the transformation of the new stable current and energy-saving electrolytic cell (support 485, CANopen and other bus communication), adopt sensorless technology or adopt ecostep servo technology, and can be competent for applications requiring multi axis communication function and particularly high requirements for motor control

at present, the stepping products that Buke has launched when adopting decojet film include Kinco traditional series and kincon series, and kincoi series is the product to be launched in the future on our product development line. The traditional series of stepper has been tested for a long time and its quality is stable. It has won a good reputation for Buke in the market. The recently launched n series all digital driver integrates the most advanced stepping drive technology in the world and the latest stepping drive research results of Buke. Once it is launched, it has attracted widespread attention

kincon series perfectly inherits the stable, reliable and easy-to-use characteristics of Kinco's traditional series, and has two breakthrough upgrades:

breakthrough 1. Overall performance is comprehensively improved

using high-performance DSP motor control chip, combined with space vector current control technology from servo, current control is more accurate, which greatly improves the low-frequency jitter of stepping motor, and motor operation is more stable and reliable, The torque has also been improved year-on-year, which can give full play to the potential of stepping motor

the motor power drive circuit is optimized, the driver has lower temperature rise, less working noise and more reliable quality

the subdivision accuracy is improved, and the maximum pulse input frequency is increased to 400kHz, making your control more handy

breakthrough 2. Add five new functions, which are simple and convenient to apply.

add five new motor parameter adaptation, alarm output, phase memory, single/double pulse and test run functions, plus simple and convenient settings, to bring customers a new use experience

the built-in motor parameter automatic adaptation function can automatically detect the driven motor, automatically match the best parameters, and give full play to the best performance of the motor. With the open collector alarm output function, the output port can be matched with most existing PLCs, so that the upper computer can monitor the working state of the driver at any time, and increase the controllability of the whole machine system. The phase memory function can ensure that the stepping motor will not vibrate after the same motor is powered off and restarted, so that customers no longer need to worry about accidental power failure

at the same time, it also supports single/double pulse input and commissioning functions, which facilitates the debugging and application of customers

main features of the product

● adopt DSP special motor control chip and high-precision sinusoidal current vector control algorithm

● fully automatic internal high subdivision conversion technology to drive the motor in the best subdivision state at all times

● adopt motor resonance suppression technology to make the motor run more smoothly

● lower noise during medium and low speed operation of the motor

● low heat technology of the driver, The temperature of the driver is reduced by 20% year-on-year

● the automatic optimization function of driver parameters ensures that different motors can achieve the best effect

● it has phase memory, driver alarm output, and automatic test run function

● it supports single/double pulse control signal input

● a variety of driver operation status indicator combinations, and always master the working status of the driver

as the crystallization of Sino German cooperation, Kinco stepping driver, In the product design business, adhering to the German professional manufacturing concept, high quality, high performance and high stability are its important characteristics

application field

it is suitable for use in medical equipment, electronic processing equipment, laser processing equipment, mold engraving equipment, measuring equipment and other equipment where users expect minimal vibration, ultra-low noise, high precision and high speed, and the effect is particularly good

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