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Service precision welding industrial robot integration

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service precision welding industrial robot integration is large, but its functions will be more complete and its productivity will be higher, so its use economy is also better. Conversely, for machines with relatively simple structure and insufficient functions,

there are also many options for the solution of integrating the prime mover part of the precision welding industrial robot. Due to the universality of power supply and the development of electric drive technology, it can be said that the vast majority of fixed machinery now preferentially choose the motor as the prime mover

serve the verification of main parts of precision welding industrial robot integration. For some parts, in step 3) above, because the specific structure is uncertain, it is difficult to calculate the detailed working capacity, so we can only do preliminary calculation and design

in fact, the same problem of significantly increased shear strength exists not only in the cement industry, but also in the steel, paper, automobile and other industries. The Minister of industry and information technology said that under the impact of the international financial crisis, the deep-seated contradictions and problems in China's industry have become more prominent. The ability of independent innovation is not strong, lacking core technologies and brands, and is generally at the middle and low end of the international industrial division system. The conditions and driving forces for industrial development are undergoing important changes. We should turn the pain of the international financial crisis into a driving force for accelerating structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, seize development opportunities, promote independent innovation, and turn industries from big to strong. Automation refers to the process in which machines, systems or processes (production and management processes) achieve the expected goals through automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment, manipulation and control, according to the requirements of people, without the direct participation of people or a small number of people. Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, service and family. The adoption of automation technology can not only liberate people from heavy physical labor, part of mental labor and harsh working environment, but also expand human organ functions, greatly improve labor productivity and enhance human ability to understand and transform the world. Therefore, automation is an important condition and significant symbol of the modernization of industry, agriculture, national defense and science and technology

in 1946, D.S. hard, a mechanical engineer of Ford company in the United States, put forward the word "automation". Without too much consideration and choice, you can make a decision immediately. In general, the response can be made within 0.14~0.18 seconds after the appearance of visual or auditory stimuli. Generally, deterministic reactions can be divided into two categories, one belongs to conceptual relations, and the other belongs to spatial relations. For example, different colors are often used in the design of various and charts. When people see these colors, they can react immediately because they understand the meaning of these colors, such as red indicates stop, and green indicates safety and passage. These are all conceptual relationships. For another example, the words and sentences in books and periodicals are arranged from left to right and the lines are arranged from top to bottom, which is the arrangement adopted by horizontal printing. When we read, we should proceed in this order, which belongs to spatial relationship

; Pirensselaerpolytechnicisinstitute) developed grass Calma company developed robot Sim Software Based on grass, which is mainly used for workstation design and robot selection. The research and Development Department of General Electric Company has improved robot sim. Intergraph also developed a robot simulation system, which emphasizes the influence of the dynamic characteristics of the robot and the control system on the accuracy and the whole performance. Computervision has developed a software package, obographix, which has many functions, such as generating robot working path, simulating robot motion and collision detection. At present, it can simulate eight commonly used robots. Autosimu]ations has developed two robot simulation software packages, AutoMod and autogram. Autogram is a modeling software using GPSS simulation language, and AutoMod is a graphic display software. Deneb company has developed igrip software,

therefore, the meaning of ergonomics is "the law of human effort" or "the law of human work", that is, this discipline is to study the law of human labor and effort reasonably and moderately in the process of production or operation

ergonomics in the United States is called "human engineering" or "human for engineering". Japan is called "Ergonomics", or European name, transliterated as "Ergonomics", and translated into Russian“ эргнотика "In China, the names used are also different, including" Ergonomics "," Engineering "," Ergonomics "," machine and equipment utilization "and" ergonomics with light weight and high specific intensity ". In order to facilitate the development of disciplines, it is necessary to unify the names. Now most people call it" Ergonomics ", which has become a difficulty highly concerned by the country, society, industry and enterprises, and is referred to as" Ergonomics "

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