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The set-top box is forced to upgrade the video content push function and other affected manufacturers seek a new way out

SARFT has continuously taken measures to rectify the set-top box market. The box is forced to upgrade, the video content is reduced, the push function is limited, and the aggregation software is blocked... Manufacturers seek a new way out. Tmall and LETV set-top boxes are forced to upgrade, delete, remove illegal and unaudited apps and videos, and third-party video stations have also begun to block the on-demand software on the box end.

boxes are forced to upgrade, and the video content is reduced.

under the pressure of SARFT's continuous rectification, tmall magic box pushed the system upgrade program in the background by default on August 5, deleting xunleikan, baidu TV cloud, PPS iqiyi, Sohu Video TV Taijie video, Youku, rabbit video, UC browser, 360 TV avoid the common shrinkage marks and wavy surface defects after parts are thin-walled. Guard, sofa housekeeper and other software

after the remote forced upgrade, there was a lot of wailing in the forums where customers trusted our cat magic box. A large number of users complained that as long as the box was powered on, the background would be updated and upgraded automatically. It was automatically updated as soon as it was turned on, and then a lot of live broadcast software was deleted. There are no playback records, so you can only find someone to crack and install your own video software. One user said

similarly, LETV box, which focuses on video advantages, has also encountered content difficulties recently. Some leeco users reported that after opening the box and entering the leeco TV client, it could not be used, and the member services purchased were in vain. At the same time, LETV also removed a large number of foreign reality shows such as "call man", and other TV series and other video content began to decrease

you can't see it without upgrading. After upgrading, you will be prompted that the broadcast control party failed to verify. One user said that the measurement accuracy of each gear was ± 1%; At present, the feasible solution to adopt closed-loop control mode is to install a certain version of firmware and upgrade LETV tv1.0.85. As soon as other versions of firmware are opened, you will be prompted to automatically upgrade to the latest version

a person from LETV box who did not want to be named said that when LETV stopped selling boxes, it would also forcibly upgrade the original boxes and restrict a large number of unaudited content. In the future, the content of LETV box will be controlled by CNTV, and the updated content needs to be reviewed manually. The user's experience will be relatively worse, but there will be specific solutions after passing the acceptance and rectification of the broadcast control party. Four iron removers, including coarse residue, fine residue and calcined coke, will be added. The person said

at the same time, the push function is limited, and the aggregation software is blocked.

video manufacturers plan a new way out.

according to the recent regulations of radio and television, Internet box products cannot set up a video station zone. In the Internet TV business, video stations cannot set up content platforms by themselves, and can only provide content to broadcast control platforms and content platforms. This means that iqiyi, PPS and other TV clients cannot access content on the set-top box platform. In the future, the video content on TV can only be broadcast through cooperation with the license party

Zhuang Xiao, head of yoboxtv, a third-party set-top box data agency, believes that the rectification of radio and television in multiple rounds is mainly aimed at licensing and copyright issues, and the closure letter restricts the installation of built-in applications. This means that set-top box manufacturers such as Xiaomi box, which rely on third-party on-demand and live broadcast software to obtain video content, or LETV box, which puts video content on its own shelves, will be most directly impacted

the road to hardware is limited, and many video content providers have begun to choose the way of software implantation. The person in charge of a third-party aggregation software revealed that at present, they have reached access cooperation with LETV, Youku, iqiyi and other video stations, and set up special zones for each video station on the VOD software side

in order to cope with the limitations caused by the inability to pre install software, domestic video stations have also begun to actively develop their own video clients for distribution through third-party application markets and other channels

in the past two months, the download volume of video clients has increased explosively, nearly three times as much as before, and has reached nearly ten million levels. The person in charge of an application market disclosed

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