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Setra newly released srcm indoor pressure monitor

on August 1, Setra (West), the world's leading manufacturer of high-precision pressure measurement, officially released srcm indoor pressure monitor. This product adopts the unique high-precision capacitance induction technology of sitter to measure and display the weak pressure difference; Its resolution is 0 Check the tablet computer; 0001 inch water column, which can prevent failure by monitoring the small pressure change in the room

srcm has a 2-in-1 function, which can display pressure and room conditions at the same time, and has local and remote sensing capabilities, without using a second monitor. The new high-definition color touch screen can instantly feed back the room status through an intuitive graphical interface. Srcm adopts embedded installation design, and the use of embedded cover plate and invisible fasteners makes it small and easy to wipe. The product can be duplicated and configured for multi-channel setting, and can be installed in the existing standard electrical box, so as to greatly reduce the maintenance cost of using inventory machinery entrusted by the asset management department

considering the importance of the integrity of ventilation control system to ensure the environment from pollution, srcm with excellent performance to make it a strong growth point can be widely used in hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and animal research institutions

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Setra systems, Inc.

Setra systems, Inc. was founded in 1967 and joined Danaher group in 2001. Setra is famous for its capacitance technology in the world. The revolutionary high-precision variable capacitance conversion principle invented by Dr. Y.T. Li, the founder of Setra, and Dr. S.Y. Lee, has obtained more than 30 patents. It is the technical core of Setra's pressure, acceleration, and weighing products. After nearly 40 years of research, development and continuous improvement, Setra's products are famous in hvac/r, industrial process control, measurement and testing, medical treatment, environmental parameter measurement, semiconductor ultra pure measurement and other fields

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