The hottest sets of propylene oxide devices enter

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Several propylene oxide units enter the maintenance state

return from the long vacation 7 After the experiment, several sets of propylene oxide equipment entered the maintenance status

in the working days before and after the festival, the domestic Po Market insisted on interval vibration, and a single region such as the North negotiated that when the experimental machine was loaded to a certain load, it could not rise again, which was significantly loose, and the source of cheap goods increased. The shopping malls in Shandong and North China negotiated to adjust it to 14,00. The performance index should be written into the purchase contract, 200 yuan/ton cash, but East China was still cross-linked again, but it was hard to wait for the market, The mentality of cargo holders is relatively good

after the long holiday, many sets of devices in the field entered the maintenance state, and the external supply was reduced. Facing the constraints of bad expectations and flat demand, the supply side was adjusted by the supply and demand sides, so that the cargo holders remained stable and wait-and-see. It is expected that the market will maintain range consolidation this week, supported by a significant decline in the operating rate of the supply side

in the morning, the Po market trend in East China was flat, with many manufacturing enterprises emerging, and a small amount of goods from the port arrived, which did not affect the market trend for the time being

at present, the mainstream negotiation in the venue is 14,, 800 yuan/ton cash delivery, 14,, 100 yuan/ton acceptance delivery

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