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Shanghai Anchuan robot servo driver maintenance technology service technology

Shanghai Anchuan robot servo driver maintenance technology service technology

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Changzhou Kechuan self 2 horizontal shear loading device 1 set of Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in industrial frequency converter maintenance, servo driver maintenance, touch screen maintenance, DC governor maintenance, Power module maintenance, Siemens CNC system maintenance, PLC maintenance, soft starter maintenance, imported precision power module and other industrial control maintenance businesses

Shanghai Anchuan robot servo driver maintenance technology service technology received the corresponding DC. After rectified three-phase power or mains power, the three-phase permanent magnet synchronous AC servo motor is driven by three-phase sinusoidal PWM voltage source inverter. The whole process of power drive unit can be simply described as AC DC AC process. The main topology circuit of rectifier unit (AC DC) is three-phase full bridge uncontrolled rectifier circuit. With the large-scale application of servo system, the use of servo driver, servo driver debugging and servo driver maintenance are all important technical topics of servo driver today. More and more industrial control technology service providers have conducted in-depth technical research on servo driver. Servo driver is a controller used to control servo motor. Its function is similar to that of frequency converter acting on ordinary AC motor, and it belongs to a part of servo system. At present, the mainstream servo driver adopts digital signal processor (DSP) as the control core, which can realize more complex control algorithm, digitalization, networking and intellectualization

with the emergence of all digital AC servo system, in order to adapt to the development trend of digital control, servo motor is used as executive motor. Speed control mode, torque control mode, and the specific control mode should be based on the requirements of customers. There is no requirement for position. As long as a constant torque is output, and real-time torque is not very concerned, it is better to use speed or position mode. The effect will be better with speed control. Or, there is basically no real-time requirement. In terms of the response speed of the servo driver, the driver responds the fastest to the control signal; The calculation amount of position mode * * *, PLC, moves the position ring from the driver to the controller, reduces the workload of the driver, and also moves the speed ring from the driver. The proportion of plastic granulation performance consumption in China in all industrial energy consumption is almost 1.5 higher than that in the UK. At 5nm, the electric machine rotates forward at 2.5nm, and reverses when it is greater than 2.5nm (usually under gravity load). For example, the looping device or optical fiber pulling device determines the rotation angle by the number of pulses, so it is generally used in positioning devices

(2) when the motor enters the constant power output range, its output speed should be coated with preservative with small viscosity, and the torque should be able to maintain the work (the output power of the fan, pump and other shafts increases in proportion to the cubic of the speed, so it should also be noted when the speed increases a little). (3) The problem of bearing life should be fully considered. (4) For motors above medium capacity, especially 2-pole motors, it is necessary to carefully discuss with the manufacturer when operating above 60Hz. Can the frequency converter drive the gear motor? According to the different structure and lubrication mode of the reducer, several problems need to be paid attention to. In terms of gear structure, 70~80hz can usually be considered as * * * limit. When oil lubrication is adopted, continuous operation at low speed is related to gear damage, etc. Can frequency converter be used to drive single-phase motor? Can I use single-phase power supply? Basically, it can't be used. For the single-phase motor with governor switch starting type, the auxiliary winding will be burnt out when the speed range below the operating point; For capacitor starting or capacitor operation mode

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