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Servo motor market in China in recent years, China has developed from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. Due to the state's attention to manufacturing equipment and its technological transformation, with the gradual improvement of the performance price ratio of the full digital AC permanent magnet servo system, as a high-end precision part of the control motor, the market demand for AC servo motor will grow steadily, and its application prospect will be very promising in the past five years

AC permanent magnet servo motors have gradually become the protagonists

before 1990, due to technical costs and other reasons, domestic servo motors were mainly DC permanent magnet brush motors and stepper motors, and mainly concentrated in machine tools and national defense military industry. After the use of the tensile testing machine fixture sprayed with emery in 1990, the imported permanent magnet AC servo motor system gradually entered China. During this period, thanks to the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials and the rapid progress of power electronics and microelectronics technology, the driving technology of AC servo motor also quickly transitioned from analog to full digital. Because the driving device of AC servo motor adopts advanced full digital drive control technology, the hardware structure is simple, and the parameter adjustment is convenient. The product is soft packaged into a food protagonist. The blow molding machine will increase the consistency and reliability of extraordinary production. At the same time, it can integrate complex motor control algorithms and intelligent control functions, such as automatic gain adjustment, network communication function, etc., which greatly expands the application field of AC servo motor; In addition, as various industries, such as machine tools, printing equipment, packaging equipment, textile equipment, laser processing equipment, robots, automated production lines, continue to improve the requirements for process accuracy, processing efficiency and working reliability, the demand for AC servo motors in these fields will grow rapidly, and AC servo motors will gradually replace the original DC brush servo motors and stepper motors

according to the customer inquiry statistics of Beijing Hollysys motor technology company in 2002, nearly 51% of the customers of the original DC servo and stepping motor are ready to replace the permanent magnet AC servo system, with the power less than 3KW, of which 85% are servo motors less than 1000W

the market demand for special servo motors cannot be ignored

such reprocessable thermosetting photosensitive 3D printing materials developed through a two-step polymerization strategy for customers' specific orders not only allow users to reshape the 3D printing structure, but also allow users to apply it. Due to its special technology and cost indicators, general servo products (including imported products) are difficult to meet the requirements, so they need to be customized, Embedding the user specific motion control function into the original servo motor driver can greatly reduce the product cost. Customers in these typical industries need to have a certain batch and high reliability. The digital servo products of Beijing Hollysys Motor Technology Co., Ltd. have been widely used in textile equipment, printing equipment, elevator equipment, robots and other industries

intelligent servo motor will be widely used

on the basis of general servo driver, add some PLC and motion control functions, plus its own network communication function, to form an independent single axis motion controller, which can independently complete certain motion control functions, such as point-to-point positioning, and can be widely used in automatic production lines and other application fields

current situation of Chinese manufacturers

by the end of 1999, domestic AC servo motors and their all digital servo drivers had basically been independently developed, but industrialization was relatively lagging behind, and the commercialization and mass production capacity had not yet been formed. Domestic demand for precision AC servo motor control systems also mainly depended on imports, such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fuji and Siemens in Germany. In recent years, servo drivers and motor products of central China CNC, Guangzhou CNC, aerospace CNC, Lanzhou motor, etc. have entered the industrialization stage one after another, but they are mainly concentrated in the CNC machine tool industry, with power specifications of more than 400W, and do not form a full series of standard products for the entire automation control industry. As China is a large manufacturing country, in addition to the CNC machine tool industry, the demand for servo motors of various specifications in other industries is increasing year by year. Therefore, foreign servo motor manufacturers have successively planned or have set up wholly-owned factories in China to produce general-purpose servo motor products of various specifications in batches by using local resources and cheap labor

the design and production technology of domestic servo motors has tended to be improved. At present, it is mainly developing in the direction of standardization, serialization and scale. Only a certain scale can have products with high reliability, low price and competitiveness. However, the full digital driver technology of domestic servo motor is still relatively backward, which is mainly limited to the lack of practical motor digital control algorithm and high reliable power module, which greatly limits the promotion of domestic servo motor

the reader survey reflects that the larger the capacity of servo motors, the less they are naturally used, but it is somewhat surprising that 19% of the respondents are using servo motors of 30 kW or even larger, and another 15% say they will do so in the next year. In contrast, 50% of users are using 6 ~ 10 kW servo motors, and the other 41% are planning to use them next year

■ about half of the respondents (48%) said that the speed of 3000 rpm or lower had met the requirements, the other 40% needed 3000 ~ 6000 rpm, and 9% of the respondents needed 10000 rpm. Only 3% of users said they would use more than 10000 rpm Servo motor

■ the purchase volume of servo motors in the coming year will be the same as this year. 59% of respondents said that their procurement volume would be the same as this year. There is a possibility of 30% increase in usage, which is expected to increase by an average of 25%. Only 11% of the respondents said that their procurement volume would decrease in the next year, with an average decrease of about 50%

among those who choose and buy servo motors, 50% are needed by the factory itself, 32% are OEM (supporting users), and 18% are both OEM and factory needs. (end look around the world)

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