The hottest seven brand paint lost to seven brand

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"Qipai paint" lost to "Qipai clothing"

"Qipai paint" lost to "Qipai clothing"

February 22, 2005

Fuzhou self-employed Mr. Chen has only sold "Qipai paint" for several months, Together with the supplier Zhongshan Gordon paint chemical company, they ate the tear test department in the official cosmetics packaging - the seven brand company mainly engaged in clothing, and took them to court on the grounds of trademark infringement. As the cross category trademark infringement lawsuit can be seen at the door of the market, this case involves the determination of whether the seven brand trademark is a well-known trademark. Fuzhou intermediate people's court, after multiple reviews, ruled that the seven brands met the recognition requirements of well-known trademarks in accordance with the provisions of the trademark law; If the defendant loses the lawsuit, he should immediately stop the infringement and compensate Qipai company for the economic loss of 100000 yuan if you are far away from us

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