Design of building automation system for Baoan Gym

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Design of building automation system of Bao'an gymnasium

1 Project overview

Bao'an gymnasium is located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen. As a new landmark building in Bao'an District, it is actually a comprehensive and highly intelligent building according to the functional requirements

as a large multi-functional building group that can reflect the most advanced level of architecture, electromechanical equipment, information system, management system and comprehensive functions in the world in the 21st century, contractors and suppliers with strong and advanced technical strength and engineering support ability are needed to provide them with systems and equipment with high technology content and cost-effectiveness. We believe that building automation system is one of the important factors for whether the whole weak current intelligent structure can truly reflect its intelligence and reliability. Therefore, we need to comprehensively and thoroughly design and improve the modern building with high-tech uses integrating development, management and conference from the perspective of high-standard uses of the building. Therefore, the building has very high requirements for weak current intelligent system, In the whole weak current system, the building automation system is the most complex because it is related to water, electricity and wind, so it is very important to choose a reliable and advanced system. According to the specific functional requirements of the bidding document for Bao'an gymnasium, here we plug it into the box of the computer to recommend the latest intelligent building management system S600 apogee of Siemens Building Technology Company to the owner

according to the functions of Bao'an gymnasium, the building automation system is composed of the following main subsystems (some subsystems include different types of equipment):

air conditioning cold source system

air conditioning system: air conditioning unit, fresh air unit

ventilation system

power transformation and distribution system

water supply and drainage system


2 Overview and system benefits

2.1 building automation system (BAS)

building automation system (BAS) is based on computer control technology, which integrates equipment control, fire detection and security monitoring systems. It uses a master control room to complete air conditioning, electrical, water supply and drainage, lighting, elevator, fire protection and security monitoring functions, and sends control instructions to various monitoring equipment of the building to control their operation through the master control room, This can not only save the space and management personnel required by the monitoring equipment, but also improve the management level of the internal equipment of the building

2.2 system benefits

the introduction of BAS system in Bao'an gymnasium will bring the following benefits:

· energy saving:

building operation energy is fully and reasonably used, unnecessary energy consumption is saved, and its energy cost is spent in the most economical way. Through BAS system, the building can save 15%-20% of energy

· optimize equipment operation:

the electromechanical equipment in the building is under integrated control, so that the equipment can operate in the most reasonable way. At the same time, effective monitoring of equipment operation can greatly reduce equipment failures, extend the service life of equipment, and reduce equipment maintenance costs

· provide a comfortable environment:

provide the most perfect guest rest environment and staff working environment, and find faults in time

· improve efficiency:

use modern intelligent control technology to control all equipment of the system at the same time, which greatly saves building equipment managers and avoids equipment damage caused by human error operation

· adapt to future development:

fully reflect the technical characteristics of modernization and informatization, greatly improve the grade of the building, and make it suitable for the needs of future social development

3. System design basis

- Interim Provisions on engineering design and management of intelligent building systems (Ministry of construction)

- Code for electrical design of civil buildings (jcj/t)

- Design Standard for intelligent buildings (dbj-)

- Code for heating, ventilation and air conditioning design (GBJ)

- Code for fire protection design of high-rise civil buildings (GB)

- Code for construction and acceptance of electrical installation engineering (GBJ)

- drawings and data provided by the owner

4 Baoan gymnasium S600 apogee Building Automation System Description:

according to the specific characteristics of Baoan gymnasium, for users with high requirements, what we provide will not only be a suitable and reliable system, but also an advanced system with openness, flexibility and large room for expansion. Therefore, we chose the S600 apogee system of Siemens Building Technology Group as the first choice to meet the high use requirements of owners and the reliability of management and maintenance

Siemens Building Technologies Group 1 All kinds of building management equipment connected to the power supply are based on people-oriented, taking into account the investment efficiency cost ratio, long-term use and maintenance costs, actual use effects and other factors, and the following suggestions are made for the design and product selection of equipment management and environmental control system for the owner's reference

A. BAS system network structure of Bao'an gymnasium

the network structure of Siemens S600 apogee system is divided into three layers: regional network, building network and floor network

the BAS system of Bao'an gymnasium is designed with Siemens S600 apogee distributed control system. The system is composed of three insight management workstations, field control DDC and various sensors and actuators. The water chiller control system and power monitoring system use the off gateway method to communicate with bas

1) management network:

Ethernet communication network, which uses industrial standard data path to access one or more insight workstations in time, provides 10m for the huge system. The "guide for the development of new material industry" jointly formulated by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, and the Ministry of finance has officially issued high-speed communications with a baud rate of more than 100m

the system operator can monitor, change the set point and access information at any position of the network. There is no limit to the number of insight workstations on the management level network, and each insight workstation can have four independent building level networks

at present, in the design of this project, we set up three management network terminals insight, one as building equipment and control management, one as the monitoring center of air conditioning, and one as the control center of venue lighting system. If the owner needs, it will be very easy and simple to add one or more management network terminals

2) building level network

building level network topology adopts RS485 shared bus network and BACnet protocol. The communication rate is as high as 115.2k, and each building level network can reach 100 nodes. Without repeaters, the bus length distance is 1000 meters, and each building level network can add up to 6 repeaters

building level network communication

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