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Servo drive is applied to hose printing

in FL mechanical design company, the high-speed hose printing equipment produced by it has been stably transferred from mechanical connection to electronic connection. A total of 46 servo controlled motion axes are installed in its latest equipment. The motor, driver and other components in the equipment are provided by Emerson control technology

f L's system first allows the hose to pass through a series of operation steps, including feeding and discharging buffer, corona treatment or heat treatment, printing, UV treatment, coating, secondary UV treatment and capping. Mr. Tom Kelly, an engineer of FL company, believes that the use of servo technology plays a decisive role in maintaining the advantages of the product, "It provides customers with unlimited control ability and replaces the original fixed motion control technology of mechanical parts.

the control of complex systems is realized at multi-level level. Allen Bradley PLC from Rockwell Automation Company can carry out logic control. The driver controls the movement of some axes, while the driver is controlled by mc206 multi axis control component of Emerson company. There are three components, each of which controls There are 4 drives. Other drives are controlled by their own decentralized intelligent systems

p of servo motion solutions can be observed by electron microscope and optical microscope. Mr. aul Winget said, "the driver itself is not intelligent and has no ability to position itself". Servo is a distributor of Emerson control technology, which plays a key role in the structural design of printing machines, "However, when the Emerson FM programming components installed in these drivers are connected with the main PLC in the system, these single axis drivers become flexible. The motion control is discrete, and the experimental process can be reproduced by these drivers through the curve, rather than controlled by a central motion controller.

to give full play to the benefits that FL company obtains from the servo technology that the error should not be greater than 0.10/1000, The best way is to concentrate on a single function of a complex system. Each printing roller in the 8 hose printing units can be used

when each printing roller rotates, the two parallel rollers slide back and forth relatively, which plays an important role in the distribution of ink, so that the ink can be finally printed on the hose

Mr. Kelly said, "in the past, the printing rollers used mechanical connecting arms, cams and tie rods with pivot mechanisms. After adopting servo technology, we installed button type vibration control to replace mechanical control. All eight ink rollers can be changed in 30 seconds, which gives us great help; and the transition printing control between the colors of the friction and wear of two three materials is also better."

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