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Seven dimensional space held the new pants band Hangzhou meeting

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at 7 p.m. on September 4, the new pants band fan meeting "willful swing and wanton hi · cool girls must have", hosted by Hengan Group Seven dimensional space, was held in Hangzhou Zhejiang Foreign Languages Institute. At the meeting, the new pants band sang the classic songs of the whole audience, which not only made the audience enjoy the atmosphere of the scene, but also conveyed to the fans the idea of seven dimensional cute pajamas to help cool girls be themselves without restraint. At the same time, the official flagship store of tmall 7d also broadcast the whole live broadcast of this meeting, which still has the problems of redundant low-end and lack of high-end, so that the absent fans can also swing willfully and wantonly together

in the "summer of the band", the partner of seven dimensional cute pajamas and new pants has attracted strong attention from friends. As the new pants won the title in the program, the brain opening idea of the new pants Amway cute pajamas also triggered a heated discussion among music fans, shouting about brand cooperation. In order to make music fans no longer miss "Peng Yan Peng Yu" on weekends and no longer feel empty because there is no high jump performance, 7d specially invited the new pants band to present this cool and explosive meeting for music fans in Hangzhou

when the last return song of the new pants band ended, the Hangzhou meeting of the sub band "capricious swing wanton hi cool girls must have" seven dimensional new pants with uniform color was also successfully concluded. As the organizer of this meeting, seven dimensional space of Hengan Group has always been committed to providing girls with a comfortable menstrual care experience, getting rid of the shackles brought by physiological period, and being yourself freely. With seven degrees of space, cute pajamas 360 ° must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. The pants design of protection and instant absorption and leak proof can help girls. He has been fighting for the development of experimental machines for more than 10 years, and he is still capricious and wanton in special periods. Hey, be a real "cool girl" who "I'll decide my comfort"

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