Packaging design skills of the hottest rice brand

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Rice brand packaging design skills

1. Have a good sounding and easy to remember brand name

many products of domestic rice manufacturers only have the variety name but no brand name on the packaging, or only highlight the variety name without promoting its brand name, which is not advisable. For example, some recycled films are suitable for making all kinds of garbage bags, such as northeast rice, cat tooth rice, Tianjin Xiaozhan rice, etc. the product trademarks of many manufacturers are not obvious in the packaging

some brand names of rice manufacturers with certain brand awareness are difficult to be accepted by rural consumers. For example, a well-known rice manufacturer in the South has a brand called so and so Bao. In some places, Bao refers to fools, which is difficult to be accepted locally

choosing some auspicious names with certain historical allusions and words with certain special significance often plays a good role in the dissemination of rural rice brands. For example, the brand names of Jiangsu's No.1 yuan MI and Fujian's Qiao daughter-in-law are easier to be accepted by rural consumers

2. Beautiful and practical packaging design

packaging design is the most critical link in the brand building of rural rice industry, because packaging plays a role in the promotion of rural rice industry brand: the barrel temperature (plastic temperature) is higher. Good packaging design can make our products different from local low file rice products and attract consumers' attention. Let consumers feel empathy as soon as they touch it and have a desire to buy. The packaging design of rural rice brands must take into account the requirements of simplicity, practicality, festivity and generosity

first, design the package specification. Usually, rural families choose 10kg and 15kg villages, and some restaurants, units or large families use 25kg. However, if you want to develop the market of gift rice, you should consider launching small packages such as 5kg Zhuang products

secondly, design on packaging materials. Usually, ordinary woven bags are used for rural rice, which are easy to be damaged, easy to absorb moisture and water, and the products are not easy to store and prone to quality problems. Therefore, laminated woven bags or other moisture-proof materials should be used. For gifts, plastic bags or nylon bags can be used, products are vacuum treated, and cartons are used for outer packaging to reduce damage

then consider the color of the package. The color of domestic rice packaging mostly adopts green as the main color, but the excessive use of green makes the packaging lack of personality. In the design of rice packaging, golden yellow can be appropriately added. You can also use it to drink water color, red and some simple. The smooth lines of the first C919 large passenger plane successfully made its maiden flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport highlight the auspicious color, so that the product can improve the document quality. If the rice brand can carry out in-depth and detailed research when designing packaging, targeted packaging color design will play a great role in promoting the brand

finally, the embodiment of brand personality in packaging. This is the defect of many rice brands in packaging design. We believe that any brand has a unique image and unique association. Therefore, enterprises must be good at connecting brand association with packaging design, and the number one rice is doing better in this regard

3. Good brand positioning

what is your brand proposition? This is the brand positioning. The degree of homogeneity of rice is very high, and the proposition of brand is very important. Positioning is done by enterprises, but it must be able to move the hearts of farmers. In a word, position the brand in the hearts of ordinary people. The number one scholar rice is very acceptable for people to eat the number one scholar rice and be the number one scholar

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