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Transaction details of Hainan natural rubber on May 12

transaction details today:

the bidding transaction of Hainan agricultural reclamation rubber was closed at about 2:25 p.m., and the bidding atmosphere was very intense. The processor produced with graphene as the matrix could reach 1thz; RF devices made of graphene can realize ultra-high speed, ultra-low noise and ultra-low power RF circuits. All latex transactions, 1 order 1. Equipment selection is based on the natural environmental factors existing on the earth's surface and atmospheric space and the types of environmental factors. The maximum price is 9060 yuan/ton, and others are traded at the starting price; All of the marked-1 adhesives were sold. Due to less pending orders today, the price also rose. The highest price of two orders was 12700 yuan/ton, and the others were concentrated at about 12610 yuan/ton; Standard 2 glue was also all sold, with a maximum price of 12070 yuan/ton and a minimum price of 12020 yuan/ton

net latex: all transactions. 3 generally, the experimental space will not be less than 900mm, or even 50 tons larger. The transaction price is between 8900 yuan/ton and 9060 yuan/ton, down 0.03%

mark one glue: all transactions. 251 tons, with the transaction price between 12600 yuan/ton and 12700 yuan/ton, up 0.55%

mark two glue: all transactions. 11 tons, with the transaction price between 12020 yuan/ton and 12070 yuan/ton, up 0.81%

mark three glue: there is no hanging order

substandard glue: no listing

clear glue: there is no pending order

cigarette glue: there is no list

Haikou market supply and demand:

1 As farms around the country have been gradually cut, new rubbers have been listed one after another, most of which are standard rubber, followed by natural concentrated latex. Standard secondary glue and substandard glue are general, while cigarette glue is less

2. Since the middle and late April, the latex processing plant has been continuously started. The supply of latex is gradually increasing. The number of pending orders has risen day by day. Dripping, seepage and leakage of water supply and drainage pipelines during water pipe installation have become a common problem of construction and installation enterprises, and the market has declined slightly. Jiaoqing also slowly began to have a small supply, but it is still very scarce. A large number of new gum is expected to wait until the middle and late May to meet the market, and it is still difficult to catch the spot

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