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At present, the state is carrying out strict management and control of the drug market and drug production enterprises through the adjustment of industrial policies and regulations. For pharmaceutical enterprises, it is necessary to improve production conditions, standardize production quality management, and pass GMP certification. According to the notification of the State Drug Administration this year, a considerable number of small and medium-sized enterprises are unable to carry out GMP transformation due to their poor production and operation conditions, so their products cannot continue to be produced. The enterprise groups that have the strength to carry out the transformation can pass the GMP certification, and the market share of products will be higher and higher. Lukang group is at the forefront of its peers in terms of GMP certification. It is currently the enterprise with the largest variety and quantity of certified products and the most complete dosage forms in China. The retail price of GMP certified and non certified drugs is different. The former is 20%-40% higher than the latter, and the products are easy to sell, even in short supply. From this, we can see that the market will continue to concentrate on large enterprises and advantageous enterprises. In order to adapt to the strong competition and the severe situation of the international market after China's entry into the WTO, the UK enterprise has carried out in-depth research on the circular economy of fiber-reinforced composites. While continuously improving the product quality and launching new products, the product packaging should also adapt to it. This is a very important aspect of enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. A good packaging design creativity can bring market opportunities for enterprises and add infinite charm to products

corporate image requires optimization of packaging design

at present, serialization and personalization of packaging design have become a wise choice for drug manufacturers. In this way, it is convenient to centrally publicize the image of drugs and enterprises, and it is conducive to users to deepen their impression. As one of the five international well-known brands supported by Shandong Province, Lukang brand drugs pay special attention to packaging design while ensuring drug quality and constantly launching new products. Good packaging is the most direct embodiment of the high quality of enterprise drugs. In terms of publicity to the public, if we only publicize the company's corporate image, but do not make supporting publicity for the product packaging or the publicity effect is not prominent, it is bound to lead people to know the pharmaceutical enterprise Lukang, but not necessarily how the drug packaging is. They will only know when they see the name of the manufacturer on the packaging. In this way, compared with people who know which company's product is when they see the outer packaging, isn't the cognitive effect too different? Only when we consider the implementation and promotion of the packaging design and a series of image publicity of the company at the same time of design, can we go hand in hand, lose some, focus on the publicity of the corporate image, and leave a deep impression in the minds of consumers. Therefore, we should pay attention to the connection and cooperation between packaging design and corporate image engineering

pharmaceutical packaging requires scientific design

pay attention to packaging design, and also pay attention to the application of American science and psychology in packaging design. Design is a creative activity, not a simple combination of color blocks. How to make a design look balanced, eye-catching and give people aesthetic feeling is the key to the application of aesthetics and psychology. This requires full consideration of pharmacological effects, indications, and psychological feelings of patients in the use of color, the division and combination of layout, the adjustment of text patterns, and the selection of background patterns

as a special commodity, drugs have strict quality requirements, and their packaging also has its unique features, which are different from health products and general food. Especially with the promulgation and gradual implementation of Decree No. 23 of the State Drug Administration, strict provisions have been made on the text content of drug packaging. This requires the designer to adjust the font, size and spacing of the allowed words according to the size of the package, and pay attention to the details of the design, so that the medical staff and users look convenient and comfortable, and make some highlighted and key propaganda words clear at a glance. For the same design, if you don't pay attention to the adjustment of font and pattern position, although the text content will not affect the use, the visual effect will give people a dull, chaotic and even extremely uncomfortable feeling. Affected the overall image. In the design, we should comprehensively consider all aspects of factors, pay attention to the treatment of details in the design, and take into account the needs and aesthetics of users. Because when users get a box of drugs, in order to understand the use function of drugs, they always read and observe the packaging in detail, and even a little negligence in the design or printing, such as the inconsistency between the inside and outside of the text, printing quality problems, etc., which makes people visually unsightly or regretful, and it is easy to cause people's mistrust of drugs. Especially with the announcement of the first and second batch of OTC drugs and the gradual implementation of classification, some drugs can be sold in supermarkets. There are many drugs with similar primary functions, and consumers have great autonomy and selectivity. Therefore, in the design of over-the-counter drugs, we should pay more attention to the quality of color layout and printing effect, so as to enhance the trust of consumers while promoting the corporate image. Therefore, within the scope of cost, we should also consider the choice of material and printing process. Material and printing effect are also a form of design. Choosing appropriate material and printing process will effectively express the design effect

innovative packaging design is required for drugs to go abroad

at present, the design of drug packaging sold in China is quite different from that of exported drugs. Of course, this is not only the difference between Chinese and English, but also the layout and color. Some customers think that the machines are the same when they see the names of the machines, and their appreciation habits. With China's accession to the WTO, the pharmaceutical market will also be impacted to varying degrees. We should also change our design thinking in time. While meeting domestic consumption, we should also take into account the appreciation habits of foreign consumers and design packaging for general use at home and abroad. Therefore, we should pay attention to packaging design, pay attention to the investigation of domestic and foreign markets, and collect more samples of similar drug manufacturers and international design information. Keep abreast of international design trends and continue to design in line with international trends

how to improve the quality of packaging design

pay attention to the development and comprehensive application of packaging design thinking. Design is a creative activity. It is not a simple repetition, nor is it a random imitation. To design a packaging material that meets the market demand and has individual characteristics, we need to have strict procedures, through a series of processes such as project approval, market research, data collection, market analysis, market positioning, scheme sketch, scheme selection, effect drawing, etc. In the design process, we should comprehensively use a variety of ways of thinking and choose the best. If you see something designed by others slightly modified into your own, such a design method can only follow others in the market, can not create your own personality and characteristics, and has no confidence in publicity. This is the performance of not understanding design. This blindly following idea is not conducive to the development of the market and the improvement of the design level

pay attention to the establishment of packaging design mechanism. First of all, we should establish a set of packaging design system that meets the needs of modern market, and put packaging design in an important position. In addition, we should also pay attention to the training of packaging design talents. It is difficult for a pharmaceutical company to go out and improve its technological scale if it does not pay attention to packaging design. Especially when the scale of the enterprise has developed to a certain extent, with the continuous increase of various products, the packaging design must keep up with it. The design can be changed if the pipes are removed; Changing the company's image can also bring new benefits to the company. Carefully analyze the drug packaging in the market. At present, there are few packages designed by various manufacturers in the market. This industry development situation has no future. This is the result that many manufacturers do not pay attention to packaging design and do not have packaging designers. When they determine a packaging plan, they either imitate others or gather together. They don't have a more comprehensive packaging design thinking and understanding of the market. While foreign drugs are beneficial to the realization of weight reduction of the whole vehicle. Industrial design is widely used in packaging, and the training of designers is emphasized. Foreign packaging design enterprises have taken packaging design as an important part of industrial design, including packaging design in a series of image projects such as product conception, research, design and production, sales, advertising and so on. Therefore, in order to make our packaging adapt to the international market situation after China's entry into WTO, we must pay attention to the training of designers, integrate modeling, innovation, human-machine interface (Communication), social environment, cultural mentality, aesthetic psychology, etc. into the specific design, and transmit the noble intention to consumers through design

as an important antibiotic production base in China, while maintaining the drug quality and expanding the scale of the enterprise, the drug packaging should also adapt to it, and constantly improve the technical content and grade of packaging design, so as to make it consistent with the identity of the national super large enterprise. In this way, we can effectively enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise and better publicize the enterprise image. No matter what market environment we are in, as long as we pay full attention to packaging design and have a mature way of thinking in packaging design, we believe that Lu Kang brand drugs will shine like a bright Oriental Pearl TV Tower in the ranks of drugs in the world

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