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Motorola colorful box packaging design

in the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises have paid more and more attention to the packaging of products in order to establish a good brand image, and strive to stand out from similar products. As an internationally renowned manufacturer, Motorola has a unique performance

in 2004, Motorola, with the momentum of swallowing everything, launched several high-end models in the Chinese market, including v878 with top-level configuration, cdma1xv880 with Bluetooth function, v690, an enhanced follow-up version of the classic v680, V500, the main model of Motorola V Series in 2004, and V600 with more mature functions, With the strong launch of these high-end products, the experimental machine itself and its surrounding environment should also be liquidated with its dazzling packaging

it is reported that the above-mentioned high-end packaging boxes all use a high-end sanddot silver paper. This is the result of Motorola's comprehensive improvement in the packaging of other high-end products after Motorola's use of sanddot silver paper on MMS 388c packaging boxes has won widespread praise in the market, relying on the quality acceptance system of key raw and auxiliary materials. (see the relevant report on page 9 of article 6.3 of the national standard gb/t 2611-2007 general skill requirements for laboratory machines in volume A2, issue 58 of this newspaper)

why does Motorola favor sanddot silver paperboard so much? The relevant person in charge of Motorola (China) Electronics Co., Ltd. Beijing branch gave the reason:

first of all, sanddot silver paperboard has excellent display effect, which is very consistent with the positioning of the product. These new products are high-end, with MMS, camera, Java, MP3, Bluetooth and other functions, so the packaging must be consistent with the product grade. Sanddot silver paperboard has bright color after printing, with noble and beautiful metal texture. Light is u, O. it has good cleanliness and smoothness, and can stand out among many products. And the packaging box is dazzling and colorful, which complements the concept of color screen and MMS, effectively improving the grade of products, and coincides with the company's design philosophy

secondly, the packaging box has high anti-counterfeiting performance. Because Sandpoint silver paperboard is made by adding information layer when making laser effect, the packaging material is high-grade and unique, the production process is complex, the technical content is high, and the cost is relatively high, so it is difficult for general enterprises to counterfeit, so it has very high anti-counterfeiting

in addition, sanddot silver paperboard has good protective performance, especially excellent barrier property, and excellent moisture-proof and oxygen resistance, which effectively ensure the protection of equivalent contents

as the main supplier of Motorola boxes, manager Guan of North China delte printing and packaging Co., Ltd. told that Motorola v878, v880, v690, V600, V500 and a series of packaging boxes were printed by covering the surface of e-corrugated boxes with 250 grams of sanddot silver paperboard. In addition to providing color boxes, Deloitte also assembles the packaging of other components for Motorola, such as chargers, headphones, manuals, etc., and provides integrated packaging services

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