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New product packaging design scheme

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in modern commercial society, packaging has not only become the most important element of products, but also an important carrier of urban popular culture. We can see the ever-changing and colorful modern packaging products in the terminal products. In the competition of new product elements, the brand culture and value system represented by packaging are increasingly valued by consumers. We see that consumers linger on returning to and from the product terminal, not only to enjoy the material satisfaction brought by modern materials, but also to pursue the spiritual pleasure brought by modern packaging. Product packaging innovation often brings consumers unprecedented freshness and tips. In order to meet the needs of consumers for packaging culture, enterprises continue to innovate in packaging design, creating a magnificent packaging culture

is there any rule to look for in the packaging design of new products? How about the application skills of packaging in new product innovation? For consumer goods, especially fast-moving consumer goods, what are the basic constraints on product packaging innovation? We believe that to understand the packaging elements of new products, next, we will analyze the impact of packaging elements in product innovation, brand image building and promotion from eight perspectives

first of all, color is the most important visual element of packaging

color is the most important visual element of packaging, and color is also the product competitive element that is most easily perceived by consumers. Therefore, when selecting color combinations for new products, we must pay great attention to product attributes, and consumers' psychological feelings need color

packaging layout and specification design

packaging layout and specification is an important means of building differentiation of consumer goods. In fast-moving consumer goods enterprises, the packaging format is often a decisive marketing promotion for new products

on July 12, 2004, the launch of Honghe V8 attracted great attention from the industry and consumers. Its horizontal packaging changed the consistent vertical design of Chinese tobacco, creating a new era of product layout in the Chinese market

v8 "puts down" the traditional vertical trademark of cigarettes, selects the contrasting red and black colors, and presents it in a beautiful horizontal design, which is more consistent with the 9:16 ratio of humanized design. It is like opening a wide screen on a cigarette box. Of course, coupled with "V8", which is divorced from the traditional concept of celebration and blessing, and has a very modern and fashionable color, it really subverts people's external impression of traditional cigarettes. According to insiders, among the more than 580 cigarette brands in the country, the trademarks are traditional vertical design. Among the high-end cigarettes with a unit price of more than 50 yuan per pack, none of the trademarks are horizontal design. In addition, in order to efficiently transmit accurate and complete product information and identification information to consumers, Honghe V8 has frequent highlights in packaging design. Tipping paper adopts the bronzing process. Its color breaks through the traditional yellow and white, and uses the noble crimson tone to highlight the V8 highlights. Cigarette use white tree industry gold fell by 1.5% and silver fell by 3.6%. Environmental protection is a company engaged in the research, development, production and sales of packaging products and film products. High permeability straight thread cigarette paper is in harmony with the trademark, and the color of aluminum foil paper is golden. From the external trademark to the packaging of internal cigarettes, Honghe V8 has exhausted the three traditional Chinese colors of red, black and golden, which imply nobility and elegance. Its purpose is to give consumers the enjoyment of beauty, and to highlight the atmosphere and introversion of the "Red River" brand with simple and generous overall packaging

the creativity of Honghe V8 reached the enthusiastic pursuit of the industry. Soon, Dahongying launched a new cigarette with its own horizontal version design, and Xinzheng tobacco group took the horizontal version product as the transmission point. The horizontal version Tianhe launched by it has become the most frequently used force sensor by consumers in Henan market and the new favorite of strain gage sensors. It is conceivable that a product packaging format has given us unprecedented surprise after experimental changes

product specifications also have a great impact on consumers. Now we can see that Baijiu, tobacco, household chemicals and other products have all kinds of specifications, and it is very convenient for consumers to buy. At the beginning of the product listing, many enterprises are still relatively backward in consciousness, and the size of product packaging is often a magic weapon for the successful listing of products

the layout and specification of product packaging have an obvious impact on the effect of product packaging. In particular, FMCG enterprises, innovation and breakthrough in product packaging layout and specification will certainly bring great market effect to your products

external shape and internal shape of packaging

the shape of packaging is divided into internal shape and external shape. Especially in the Chinese wine market, the shapes of products are colorful and unique

in general, the shape of product outer packaging is relatively single, mainly considering stacking in the transportation process and stacking in the terminal display. However, consumer goods enterprises have not forgotten the product packaging and seize the innovation opportunity on the valuable outer packaging

first, traditional square packaging. Most of the packaging is considered to be guided stacking, or square outsourcing is selected on the outer packaging. Therefore, the square packaging we see in the end market has become the mainstream of the market

second, round packaging has gradually become a trend. Yuantong packaging has a strong sense of integrity and generosity, and it is convenient for consumers to carry. Moreover, Chinese consumers pay great attention to flattering in packaging. Therefore, Yuantong packaging just meets the idea of Chinese consumers that it is round and full. Therefore, Yuantong packaging is also an attractive appearance shape for consumers

third, diamond shaped appearance packaging. Diamond shaped appearance packaging is actually a general statement of regular polygons. In order to create product differentiation, many enterprises choose diamond shaped appearance packaging in the development of new products, highlighting product personality and differences

fourth, special-shaped appearance packaging. Abnormal appearance packaging is a partial asymmetric packaging design adopted by enterprises to show the brand positioning of products. This kind of packaging appearance plays a good role in creating the consistency between products and brand value. We see that bFGF home wine adopts Huizhou Folk Houses as the upper packaging shape of products, which better conveys the brand concept of bFGF home positioning concept

in the internal packaging of products, different shapes also give products many surprises. Especially in the field of traditional consumer goods

first, tower type inner packaging. At present, Baijiu enterprises are the most widely used packaging form. Baijiu enterprises dominated by Wuliangye mainly use this tower type inner packaging, and Wuliangye makes the tower type packaging into a building body, which has become an important part of its own corporate culture

second, cylindrical inner packaging. New Baijiu enterprises prefer this kind of inner packaging, mainly because it is relatively simple and easy to be accepted and carried by consumers

third, square packaging. Anhui Baijiu enterprises prefer this kind of packaging, with clear water caltrops and full spirit

the above packaging is mainly used in the inner packaging of glass products and Baijiu, and there are some transitional shapes in the middle, which will not be repeated again

fourth, slim inner packaging. Kouzijiao is a Baijiu production enterprise that uses this slim shape, highlighting the brand positioning and core values, because Kouzijiao chose a slim woman as its spokesperson

fifth, special-shaped packaging. It is mainly that some functional Baijiu are used more

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